Budget Buys|Maybelline Cololor Drama Lipstick

Maybelline Cololor Drama Lipstick

I think it's pretty clear that I love buying lip products of any sort, whether it be lipsticks,glosses,balms and now pencils! For a few weeks I have been debating over buying these Maybelline Color Drama Lipsticks because they are meant to be 'long lasting, beautiful formula and already amazing'. Of course I fell in for the hype and now a month or so later I am telling you THAT YOU NEED THEM IN YOU'RE LIFE. 

Maybelline Cololor Drama LipstickMaybelline Cololor Drama Lipstick

The 'Drama' bit in the name explains what these are but if you don't have a clue then let me tell you the basics. These pencils have super intense pigmentation, with a semi-matter finish and allows you to wear a bold colour with ease and comfort as they last a long time - I'm talking hours. Having a pencil for a lip product makes it much easier to 'paint you're lips' until they get blunt and then you have to sharpen and all that shiz.  The two colours I got are a bright ish red and then a deeper berry toned colour and they both look amazing in the day and night. Below you can see how they look my lips and please excuse my mouth. 

So, in a nutshell...I love them and think that I need to buy some more colours and the brand is always on 3 for 2 so what better excuse! 


Lucy Jane said...

I have the dark plum one in this range and it has definitely been my most worn product last month, need to pick some more up after reading this!

infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

Class and Glitter said...

I want that one next, and you do they are amazing! x