What's New at the Drugstore UK? #1

What's New at the Drugstore UK

I love shopping in the drugstore (boots/superdrug) and am always browsing the makeup aisles to see what new things are on offer, so even though the UK isn't like the USA where they have constant new things and offers a.k.a the amazing Tati from GlamLifeGuru but they do have some things! 
Every so often, i'm going to be sharing with you all about the new things/offers in the UK drugstore, if you like them let me know and I will by all means carry on! Shall we get in to it?

B. Creative Flawless Face Kit £14.99 - HERE  I have personally never tried anything from B. but I just might have to try these new kits out. Very similar to the Sleek Contour Palettes they come in different shades for different skin tones and have everything in there to create a flawless look .

Max Factor masterpiece transform mascara £9.99 - HERE This is fairly new and more information about it online then the palette above -  Immediately transform lashes for an instant WOW effect, Captures and transforms every lash in an instant. The Instant Impact wand is designed to maximise contact between lashes and the formula, immediately transferring it to the base of the lash in just one stroke.Rows of rotating bristles ensure that as the lashes are brushed through, every lash is captured and coated. 

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue £3.49 - HERE I adore the original baby lips formula but in the winter hate using the nice flavours because they don't keep my lips moisturised. These new ones that have recently landed in the UK look amazing and exactly what we need in these colder months! What I really love is that they do the job and are tinted, perfect for those no make days/ natural looks. But I have heard that they have a strong smell, so be warned!

Real Techniques Bold Metals £10.00 - £25.00 - HERE Now if you haven't heard of these then you need to read about them. They are the new Luxe line from RT the queens of makeup brushes and this new line ticks every single box for me. Yes, they are pricey for a drugstore brand but that's kind of the point, a cheaper price than the likes of Zoeva and MAC in a drugstore. I won't ramble on much about these, because I really could! If you want to see more I recommend watching THIS video from Pixiwoos and it will explain everything.  

Zoella Rose Gold 'Just Say Yes' Makeup Bag £8.00 - HERE The Zoella range is a very budget range and her newest launch is this new makeup bag, alongside the eyes and guinea bag one. This has to be my favourite one by far however, the rose gold detail and pink is so elegant and something that I can see myself using. Also love the quote, it's her well known one. 

Revlon Photoready Primer + Anti Shine Balm - £9.99 Not Currently Available Online, but In store – it’s a multi use face balm and primer that promises to perfect the skin before and after you have applied makeup. I get attracted to anything that says it will keep my makeup on more longer and this powder definitely looks promising. 

Miss Manga Punky Mascara £8.99 - HERE The very popular and famous Miss Manga mascara realised around a year ago and now they have come out with an add on one, this time promising a few more things. This has literally just come out and both Boots and Superdrug have got introductory offers on. There is also a liner with the new line/range which promises a smokey look.

Benefit De-Puff $29 - HERE This is coming to UK, but can be found on the US site which I have linked for you but this new product from Benefit claims to de puff (hence the name) and tighten the look of your under eye puff, acting like a eye cream but in a fancy tube. 
Phew! That was a lot! Let me know your thoughts on this type of post, and hopefully I can carry on doing them!


Ellis said...

What a great idea for a post lovely! :) I would love to see more of these in the future!
I bought the Dr Rescue Baby Lips when I was in the US a few months ago and they are honestly the best lip balms that I have ever tried!!
I'm also loving the new Zoella Beauty make-up bag! I love the design and I completely agree with the 'Just Say Yes' idea, especially as it's the new year.

Ellis - Ellis Tuesday

Class and Glitter said...

Aww yay Ellis! Glad you like it, hopefully I can stick to it!
Will have to go and get them then, when they are instore and I know it looks incredible! x

PM said...

What a great post! I like Baby Lips, have a few of those. The RT brushes look luxurious, but they are more expensive than their older ones. Still, I have a few of their brushes from last year, and they are fabulous!

KayPage said...

I have the Real Technique brushes already! Love them!

Kay, ohkay-dohkay.com xx

Class and Glitter said...

Thank you! They are fabulous but don't know whether it would be worth it?! x

Class and Glitter said...