Budget Buys| L'oreal True Match vs Infallible

 L'oreal True Match vs Infallible

I have been loving L'Oreal foundations recently, and thought instead of reviewing them each on their own, a comparison would show you which might be for you and what makes them different. I purchased the True Match last June time after hearing so many good words about it, and then when I went back to repurchase it I decided to pick up the Infallible one as well as it was on offer!

 L'oreal True Match vs Infallible

Formula - Both also come with pumps, which is just an added bonus!

True Match - It is very runny and watery, but don't let this put you off. It doesn't feel watery when blended on to the skin. I tend not to put it on the back of my hand to apply as it goes everywhere, instead apply it straight to my face or on to the brush.

Infallible - A lot thicker in consistency compared to the true match, also very thick. With this foundation you can feel that it is alot heavier on your skin and feel it sitting on it if you are to layer it up


True Match - Medium Coverage and Full if you went with two even layers, which I see as being amazing seen as tough the formula is very runny. It stays matte on your skin, I put powder on but there really is no need.

Infallible - Within one layer of this you have that full coverage look, I prefer wearing this for occasions and at night otherwise it looks like too much makeup on your face. You also need the tiniest of amounts to get the desired look. This has more of a glow to it, and is more dewy looking.

 L'oreal True Match vs Infallible

Time It Lasts

True Match - I would say it lasts a school day, so around 6 hours and then I feel the need to either powder or remove it completely as it is slowly disappearing. It does amazingly well when I walk to and from school, the sweat doesn't come through and it lasts through a walk up a hill.

Infallible - This lasts around the same time, but I feel that it starts to look cakey after the 6 hours so powdering doesn't help.

 L'oreal True Match vs Infallible

Colour Range

True Match - N5 - Sable

Infallible - 235 Honey
Both of these shades are similar to one another, which made it easier to find. I love the range of shades you get in the True Match - there is something to suit everyone's undertones and colour from WARM - NEUTRAL - COOL. Whereas the Infallible is very restricted shades wise.


True Match comes in at £9.99 and Infallible comes at £9.99. L'Oreal always have either a 3 for 2 or Buy One Get One Half Price offer so look out for those as then you get your money's worth.

I love them both, and these are first face products I have tried from the brand and have fallen in love. If I had to repurchase one again out of the two and use it forever (aka if i was stuck on a desert island) I would choose the true match. It covers nicely, feels lightweight on the skin and lasts as well.

True Match Foundation can be found HERE
Infallible can be found HERE

Have you tried any of these? If not, would you want to try any?



Unknown said...

Love both of them...xx

Jasmine Stewart said...

Funnily enough I was going to do this exact same post :') however it turned out I really didn't like the Infallible, unfortunately! True Match was a real winner for me though! xx

Magpie Jasmine

Class and Glitter said...

Glad I am not the only one!

Class and Glitter said...

Blogging Telepathy! And really? What was it that you didn't like about it? xx