The Lockdown Tag

When I first started blogging, TAG posts were my favourite to do. Its been so long since I've done one and when I saw Hannah from LuxuryBlush create her own lock-down tag, I just had to take part! Her blog is amazing and her instagram is beautiful - definitely check her out! There are 11 questions in total, and if you fancy doing it please do - its so much fun!                    

Nail Week: BLUESKY Summer Collection 2020

                                              NAIL WEEK: BLUESKY Summer Collection 2020                                          
For my final post this week (catch my gel system here and tools for at home nails here), I am showcasing to you the newly released BLUESKY Summer Collection*. A brand that a lot of professionals use, including my salon and a brand that is loved my at home novices too. They have a huge range of gel polishes, the gel system and the accessories you need to go with it. Known for their affordable prices, great quality and absolutely stunning shade range. I am so excited to share with you this exotic, bright and fun loving range.    

bluesky summer collection 2020

Nail Week: Tools For The Perfect At Home Manicure


In case you missed the first post, this week is nail week on Class & Glitter, my one true love after makeup. On Monday, we talked all about a gel nail system, which you can read here. Today we are talking all about tools that help to achieve the perfect at home manicure. I am not a professional by any means but have picked up tips and tricks along my way from salons.
tools for a home manicure

Nail Week: Semilac Gel Nail System Review


If there is one thing I am really missing since being in lock down, its got to be my regular visits to the nail salon. I loved going in every few weeks, having a chat, choosing a new nail design and just having that 1 hour out from normal life. However, its been a good thing at the same time because I have had more of a chance to do my own nails. When I was in high school, I was part of a Nail Club. In this club, I got taught everything to do with nails and those skills have stayed with me until now. 

Recently, I have been loving doing my own nails at home. This week I am showing you a gel system, gel colours and some tools that are an essential for doing your nails at home! 

Today's post is all about a nail system called Semilac. They very kindly sent over their starter kit* for me to have a play with. Spoiler alert - I'm obsessed!   
semilac review