Meeting Tanya Burr

Meeting Tanya Bur Meeting Tanya Bur

Meeting Tanya BurMeeting Tanya Bur

Meeting Tanya Bur

I actually cannot believe that I am writing this post - omg. It still hasn't sunk in that on Monday I had the chance to meet the one and only Tanya Burr. You all obvs know who she is, so I won't write a biography about her but I just thought that I would share my photos and my experience of the whole day because it was the best day of this year yet.
There was no many people and very little time, so it was really just sign book, quick hello and then the next person. Luckily I went with Aamira, so we both managed to get pictures of each other meeting her and beforehand in the line we took a cheeky selfie..
But in all honestly she is the sweetest thing ever, just like how she is in her videos. She looked beautiful and I even told her that she does and gave me the biggest smile, I spoke really briefly about how much i love her videos/blog and how the lipstick she was wearing looked HOT! She posted this photo if you are wondering what I am referring to. 


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