Garnier Shampoo Bars Review

A brand that always seems to be innovative with haircare is Garnier, after recently announcing that they were now Cruelty Free, the brand has been coming out with so many amazing new launches. I love their Ultimate Blends range and when the new shampoo bars landed on my doorstep I couldn't wait to give them a go. My hair is in desperate need of a cut, its so thick and gets tangled so easily! Anything to help me wash it and help it by infusing it with lovely products is good for me. 

Why shampoo bars? 
A solid shampoo bar is a great way to help reduce plastic waste, it cuts out the bottle and the packaging. They aren't just an ordinary bar of soap, they are a shampoo that has been put into a sold format, meaning there is no plastic way and has been designed to cleanse, nourish and treat your hair.

The Range:

How to use:

1. Just like a normal routine, you start by wetting your hair. But at the same time you need to wet the solid Shampoo Bar and rub it between your hands to make it foam for quite a while.
2.  Then you take the Shampoo Bar to your hair and lather it everywhere. You will see that as it lathers up, its just like a liquid! 
3. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if you normally do two washes. 
4. After using you’re Shampoo Bar, store it in a dry place such as a box or storage case. 

My thoughts:

I started by using the Coconut Hydrating Bar as it called out to me with the words 'hydrating' which is exactly what my hair needs at the moment. I found it took a little while to lather up but when it got there it worked amazingly well and after two washes, my hair felt amazing - so soft and detangled! The next few times, I did a mix of the hydrating for my first wash and strengthening for my second. This was a powerful combination and really worked well with my greasy and tangled hair type. The other two are still on my list to try but I am sure they will be just as good! 

I have really been enjoying these bars and they came just in time as my normal liquid shampoo had run out, I can't wait to see how long these last and the benefits and transformation it might do to my hair! 

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