Spring Beauty Transition

I am loving this Spring season. Compared to last year, when we were in the first lockdown, this one has a lot more benefits and positives. It also given me a chance to change my beauty routine for the season. When I was indoors all the time last year, I didn't really bother but this time of year from April to June is my favourite!



Essences // The Fig Boosting Essence from I'm From is amazing! I loved the Mugwort one and finished it so fast but I think this is my hydration favourite. A few splashes of this on my skin every morning gives it such a lovely plump boost - its lovely!

Glowy Primers // Who would have thought, that me with the oiliest skin ever would love a glowy base?! I am loving the Becca Backlight Priming Filter, it really is one of those products that suit all skin types. Even thought I might apply a matte foundation on top, the smooth base it gives my skin is next to nothing I have ever used. 

Warm Tones // I raved about this Pixi x Heart palette* a few weeks back on Instagram because I just can't get enough. The peachy pink golden tones are just beautiful and I am loving doing my eye makeup with this palette. Pixi palettes don't have the best pigmentation and fallout can be a problem sometimes but this one is a beauty! 

Highlighter // My love for highlighters stopped a few months back, I just didn't want to wear them anymore. I think it was a big thing a few years ago and I completely fell out of love. Until...I bought Champagne Pop from Cult Beauty and have fallen back in love. This is the ultimate highlighter that gives a pop and a glow - its just beautiful. 

No More Dry Lips

Even though I wear a mask a lot, I do love applying my lip products still. At work we wear masks when interacting with visitors or parents but inside the classroom we don't need to just a visor. I have to make sure that my lips are not flaky or dry. During the winter and spring - pretty much all year round - my lips are always dry. For me, Blistex are the key to soft lips. I love their whole range but my favourite is the lip brilliance. Not only does it hydrate my lips but it also gives it a bit of colour too, perfect for under masks. 

I also know that when my lips are not dry or peeling, I can apply all different types of lip products on top and I have no problems. If you're on the screen more too, whether its for work or dating, your face is literally the main point of focus. Making sure your lips are healthy looking and plump is the best thing!

Moisturise Everywhere!

I spend so much time on my face skincare and routine, that sometimes I forget about body. With the sun making more of an appearance and my arms and legs coming out more, I really need to keep up with applying moisturiser daily and keeping everything soft. Lotil* have saved my life for the last month - I would be lost without. The foot cream has helped me get my little toes ready for sandal season - I CAN'T WAIT TO GET THEM ON! 

The tub of cream is perfect for anyone who suffers with dry skin or any skin condition. We are a household of eczema and this cream has changed the game for us all. We apply a tiny amount but have seen incredible benefits. I have some horrible dry, flaky eczema on the top of my arm that has calmed down so much since introducing Lotil. The whole range contains emollients that rehydrate the skin but doesn't feel it leaving greasy - perfect combination.

Spring really does bring out the best in me and my beauty routine, its a great way for me to change and refresh before the summer. Now, I can't wait till the nail salons and hairdressers let me in next week! 

*pr samples

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