New Year's Resolutions for 2015 ♥

New Year's Resolutions for 2015

Tonight when the clock strikes 12, we will be in to the first few seconds of 2015! A brand spanking new year, and I actually cannot believe it. Its very cliché but I can't get over the fact that this year has gone so quickly and this new one will be even more amazing I am sure. In this year I leave sixth form, go to university, and turn 18? What, pinch my self every time! I wrote a set of resolutions last year which you can read HERE  and I thought I would write some more this year for my blog and maybe even personal and then in sixth months have a reflection on them. I have pretty much achieved the ones I set last year and now for this year...

Bonus Points if you have spotted the new design!!!

1. Buy A Camera - I do love my phone a lot, but for some pictures I am pretty sure I need to eventually buy a camera with amazing quality that some fancy feature to make my photos look even better. I have my eye on the Olympus E-PL7  but its super expensive and i will have to save up a lot of my pennies to get it! 

2. Learn something new - in this case I mean SEO. Yes, for all bloggers these three letters mean HELL. But don't worry I won't be boring you with it all but I do want to crack down on it and figure it out myself!

3. Skin Skin and More Skin - I am always saying this every day, every week, every month but now I have to stick to it this time around. I have so many scars and spots on my face that I need to start controlling it and correctly looking after it so that they don't keep on coming up.

4. Schedules and Post More - I want to start posting way more fashion posts and makeup posts so from next saturday I am going to be posting either fashion posts or face of the days and a new series that started last saturday! On tuesdays will be reviews and then in between will be anything else!

Have you set yourself any resolutions for the new year?

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KayPage said...

Totally agree with the SEO comments! I need to learn more about it too! Same with skincare. Great post!