Top 14 of 2014 ... Beauty

Top 14 of 2014 ... Beauty

Aloha! This is going to sound really cliché but i really cannot believe that 2014 has come and gone so quickly it feels like yesterday I was writing my 2013 Favourites. Since last January so much has changed in my life, and all for the good too - I also have changed my beauty ways and become a lot more aware of the things I use, what I like and what suits me personally no matter the hype around it. I decided to narrow it down to my Top 14 products to go with the year that has just finished. 

Top 14 of 2014 ... Beauty


Tea Tree Primer - Buy Here I use this everyday and swear by it. Firstly, it really does help my skin by evening it out before applying makeup and then it helps with makeup lasting on it all day and everyday. It also says that it helps with blemish prone skin which is another added bonus for my awful skin that has its moments.

L'oreal True Match - Buy Here  Thanks to the world of YouTubers (Amelia,Lily and Anna) I have become obsessed with this foundation and this is actually my second bottle! I use it for night and day because the coverage and long lasting power of it is amazing. Two layers is the max you need and one for those more lazier days/everyday looks.

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer - Buy Here It's on its last legs and on its way in the empties bin, but for everyday it is amazing and not only great for the under eye area but good for the highlighting parts of your face and covering blemishes. The sponge applicator is my favourite part of the product application is super easy and quick.

Natural Collection Blush in Rosey Glow - Buy Here I think the fact that I have hit pan on this blush, explains it all. I use this along with the other three above I use it everyday because it gives my skin that natural look and doesn't look too pink and vivid.

MAC Talk of the Town - No Longer Online - It is such a shame that you can't buy this any more because it is the most beautiful thing I have ever bought for the price anyway. Better used like a highlighter or on top of the blush above to add more emphasis.

Top 14 of 2014 ... Beauty


Urban Decay Naked 3 - Buy Here  and Review This was the talk of the moment last year with nearly every one on the internet raving about the palette and it has to be my favourite one ever. The colours seem to go really well with my skin tone and the possibilities of what you can do as far as blending and shading go is endless. I particularly like Nooner, Liar and Factory -BABES!

MAC Ebay Brushes - Review and Links Here Since getting more into eye shadows, I thought it was appropriate to buy brushes that do the job better. MAC brushes are gorgeous but so expensive, when I found these on good old Ebay...I was basically sold. They do the job perfectly, wash great and the 217 blends well.

Yves Rocher Mascara -  Review and Links Here This is a special event mascara that I love using when I go out and most recently everyday. Lashes look fuller,thicker and way more bolder than my natural ones.

Top 14 of 2014 ... Beauty


BarryM Gellys - Buy Here Not going to be talking about these for very long because I post way tooo much BarryM on this blog! But the formula of the Gelly polishes are just great, they last, they have a great colour play off and by god the colours they have are amazing.

Rimmel Salon Pro - Buy Here Another polish that I don't think is talked about very much but it really should be everything about them is great - my only issue is the colour range. Other than that the formula is just a little bit better than the Gellys, but I find you need more coats and way more drying time.

Top 14 of 2014 ... Beauty


Revlon Matte Balms - Buy Here There is a trend going on in the lip section, i'm freaking obsessed with matte lips. Why? You don't have to worry about them slipping off, or being all over the place, Revlon were the ones that started it all off, and they did WELL. It goes on like butter and stays on like glue. After using them for a while they go blunt at the ends but nothing a finger can'r replace.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet - Buy Here & Review Here This is my addiction and something I can not stop buying, every time I see a new colour I NEED IT! The first thing I tried from the brand and it put them in my good books, the applicator is perfect for even application, the colours are amazing, the formula lasts all day and all night without smudging everywhere.

Top 14 of 2014 ... Beauty


Cheryl Stormflower - Links & Review Here The big Cheryl fan I am, I was going to eventually be buying the perfume she bought out last year. It has now become my staple scent, the fruity scent isn't even that overpowering that you feel sick. The rose gold also ticks all the boxes for me regarding packaging and now I want to try the body lotion because if it smells as amazing, I want to smell like that all the time! 

Body Shop Raspberry Scrub - Buy Here TBS are becoming a brand that I fall in love with more and more. Every single one of their scents remind me of something or someone and as soon as they bring out something that I like in real life, they want me to have and I just have to buy it. The purple looks just like the real fruit, it smells like the real fruit - god knows it might even taste like it!

What did you love in 2014? Anything you fancy trying that I have talked about? 


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