February Favourites

Who knew that February would come and go so quickly! Here is a quick low down of all the things I have been loving, beauty, lifestyle and of course TV! 
february favourites


My makeup has been staying pretty much the same through out the month, with a few new additions. The first is this gorgeous Collection Blush Block (£4.19), its the perfect mix of peach and pink toned blushes. When you swirl you brush around it creates a lovely glow to the skin. I have also been loving the NYX Shine Killer (£11), it only gets applied on my t-zone to help control the shine that appears on m face through out the day and paired with any foundation it creates a smooth base. Since getting my Makeup Geek Shadows, I have been obsessed. Sensuous and Twilight have been my favourite combo to put together, the purple hues look gorgeous at night. On my nails I have been loving a new top coat, the Revlon Diamond Top coat (£6.99). It helps my nail polish last for days and adds a stunning shine on to them, giving the gel like look. 


instyle uk

primark shoes

I love getting a magazine every week, but it definitely adds up. Instead I like the monthly subscriptions that come through your letterbox. In-style magazine has had some amazing cover stars recently and reading it with a cup of coffee in the morning is my new go to thing. I am in love with my latest Primark Shoes (£8), I technically got them towards the end of the month but I can still love them right? They go with everything and are very comfortable. Another favourite has been my new blog photo background, can you tell? The marble effect is used by nearly everyone, I never understood the hype, but oh my goodness me - look at it! 

I love finding new tv programs to watch, one been Limitless. Its all about Brian Finch, who discovers the power of a drug called NZT-48 which gives his brain power to do anything, based on the film Limitless with Bradley Copper it is one to watch. Agent Carter started again in the UK and Peggy Carter is back, better than ever. She is a crime fighting, elegant woman who looks gorgeous when she is kicking butt! Love it! 

What have you been loving this past month? 

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