Makeup of the Moment #2

makeup of the moment

I am not one to switch my makeup routine on a day to day basis very often, but since my last Makeup of the Moment it seems to have changed quite a bit. It much for a simple and quick makeup look that has proved perfect for early mornings. 

I start by priming my skin with the very talked about Nivea Post Shave Balm. I have now got used to the manly scent, infact I can't smell it at all anymore and it sinks into the skin within two minutes or so. I have then fallen in love with the MAC foundation, there is something magical about it and I can't quite describe it. It glides on the skin very thick but as soon as I blend it in with my sponge its beauuuutiful! Covers and stays all day. I then use the tiniest amount of this very powerful concealer, it covers my eye bags and any spots that appear on top. Then I set my face with a fixing mist and it keeps it all in place. 

I've just packed the rest of the face altogether as it is really simple! All I do is apply this gorgeous blush that I have rediscovered on my cheeks to give me colour and highlight and some mascara. I'm still in two minds about this new one from Maybelline as it adds some great volume to my lashes but the formula is awful. Its really wet so ends up going everywhere. Leaving me with ruined concealer and black eyes. I will give it a few more goes and report back. To complete this very natural look I have been using the Nude Beige lipstick from Maybelline, it adds a nice glossy shine to my lips. 

That's all that has been n my face these past few weeks, what have you been loving? 

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