Winter Accessories to Snuggle Up in

As temperatures plummet, this is the best time to update your wardrobe to include this seasons must have accessories and clothing items. Each store, seems to be killing it with winter clothing in my opinion. There are chunky knits, fancy sleeves and the faux fur is everywhere! If only I had the money to spend on all this amazing clothing! 
Providing the ultimate round-up of snuggly winter accessories for 2017 is premium womenswear designer Ralph Lauren. They have everything that you need to get yourself and the wardrobe ready for winter. 

Winter Accessories to Snuggle Up in
off the shoulder top

The Diwali Face

Today is Diwali! Happy Diwali to all those who celebrate, wishing you another year of happiness, success and all things bright! I love this time of year, not only is the food amazing and the clothes you get to wear so pretty but time spent with family is timeless. We're going to a Diwali party this weekend, I finally managed to find something to wear yesterday (talk about last minute!) and it's pink and pink, all sequins and some gorgeous rose gold jewelerry. So, I'm thinking for makeup to go with something glowy, glittery and very much me. This is a trial run that I had and I think it will all go to plan, using these products!                            
diwali makeup

Falling For Fenty

The one brand that is on everyone mind that the moment is of course Fenty. Rihanna created this brand with a vision and since it has launched, it has been the talk of the town. Her aim with the entire range was to develop formula's that work for all skin types, shades to match a variety of skin tones and above all makeup that is fun to use and have. I debated between buying things on line and going to my local Harvey Nichols, but ending up doing the latter. I had to Que to get shade matched for the foundation but nothing as bad as what I've heard its like in London. I spent only 10 minutes, compared to some people who have spent hours! I am so glad I did go in and get matched, because the shade I thought I was, way to dark! After a few weeks of testing, I have gathered my thoughts and put it all together into one post. The good, the bad and the ugly.                         
Fenty Beauty Worth The Hype

Currently Loving

There are so many products that I am loving currently, some of which haven't had a mention on here ever! Monthly favourites fizzle in and out fashion as a blog post, so I thought of just choosing some of my favourite products at the moment and mashing them together in one post. 
I find myself using the same products so often and to death, that I end up using things up before I have even had the chance to talk about them, hopefully I can keep making these types of posts!