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Winter Skincare Wishlist

Stress, cold weather and litres of coke is not helping my skin at all at the moment. Its my own fault because everything that I am doing/eating is reflecting on my face but slowly it will get there. November starts on Tuesday (how crazy!) and its the perfect time to swap your skincare round and make it more winter friendly. I've become obsessed with skincare recently and this a wish list of all the things that I am lusting over on the 'high end' scale. 

winter skincare wishlist

Everyday Makeup for Autumn

I love doing my makeup but the dark, cold mornings are the worst because there's no light to see what you are doing. For all you know, you could end up walking out having put on everything backwards! Some days during the week, I have time to apply everything - choose a lip stick ect. Other days I have 10 minutes, to apply everything and GO! These are the products that have been my current go to and ones that I know will last, look good and give me a natural everyday look. 

nude autumnal makeup

BriAA Natural Skincare Review

Skincare was never something that I took seriously and put it to the back of my priorities. However, over the years I have learnt that for your makeup to look good and for you to feel confident within your own skin - the products that you use as part of a routine and vital. These past few months, the products that I have been applying to my face have been ones that I know the ingriedents of and if they don't work - I stop using them. There's been lots of skincare posts these past few weeks and its because I'm enjoying skincare. Today I'm talking about BriAA - a brand that centers themselves around natural skincare. 

BriAA Skincare

Do You Tell People About Your Blog?

A very different style of post from me today, not sure how it will go down but here goes. Let me set the scene for you. Next month I will be celebrating 4 years of blogging!! Not as many as other people out there but for me the longest I've actually stuck to something. When I started all those years ago, I was in year 11 stressing about GCSE's now I'm in my 2nd Year at uni stressing about my degree. Oh how life has changed.