The New Brand On The Block: Girls With Attitude

Every so often, I come across new brands on instagram that people are loving. GWA also known as Girls With Attitude (what a name!) are a brand that I am always seeing on my time line. When the chance came up to try some of their products, I got very excited. Discovering new brands that aren't available anywhere is great as you know the products are pretty much 'exclusive'. Saying this, I am sure that I spotted them in Primark a few weeks back. 


One thing that drew me to all the products first and for most was the packaging, the palettes are just stunning to look at and have in my collection. The eyeshadow palette is covered in glitter, it has been super glued on and coated over as nothing seems to come off no matter how much you try. The packaging is very luxury and makes me love the brand even more. 

Inside The Skincare Cabinet

I feel like if everything around me is tidy and organised, I am more likely to feel good and have a productive day. Since moving back home for a few months until third year, I have found it hard to organise my things. No fancy beauty storage here, just a simple shelf in the cupboard to store everything. It is only now, that I seem to have some sort of system going on. Since developing a love for skincare products, I've also had to find ways of storing it all and after going through a slight struggle, it has all been sorted!                    
skincare storage bathroom

Long Lasting Everyday Makeup

It seems like forever since I've posted about the makeup I am currently loving, probably because I only ever use the same things on a everyday basis. Recently, I have changed it up a bit and started to use new products and after just a few days of using some of them, they have become firm favourites. This makeup look as a whole, is very long lasting and this is something that I aim for with having combination skin. Skincare obviously plays a big part in helping your makeup last, but the makeup you apply equally plays a part. Grab a drink as this is a long one...
long lasting makeup

Blogging is my Superpower

Hallmark have recently launched some new additions to their Itty Bittys range that includes these cute super hero girls, the range includes Harley Quinn™, Batgirl™, Wonder Woman™ & Supergirl™. These cute little super heroes are the perfect addition to my desk,they live right in front of me and make me smile every time I see them. They not only look adorable but make me feel like a super hero at heart. I've gone through a slight blogging 'funk' recently, I have all these ideas in my head but nothing seems to be coming out online. Using these as inspiration I am talking what makes me super, because why not - we all are!