A Self-Care Guide For Galentine’s Day

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With January drawing to an end, it’s only right that I have Galentine’s Day on my mind. In the past, I wrote about some easy ways to celebrate this holiday with your best ladies, but this year I wanted to really zone in on a Galentine’s Day full of self-care. The phrase, “self-care,” can mean many different things to different people. However, the common denominator is that we all should practice it in some way, shape, or form to benefit our mental and physical health. Keep reading for some ways to celebrate self-care on Galentine’s Day, or any day you may feel like getting together with your gal pals to relax and unwind from the stressors life sometimes throws at us!

Sephora Paris Haul

Back in December, really close to Christmas I had the best trip ever to Disneyland Paris. Myself and Nicole wondered off to the city for a little long weekend away to celebrate the amazing year we had. Round the corner from the hotel was a shopping mall and hidden inside was of course a Sephora! We couldn't help ourselves when we went the first time... we ended up going in again. In hindsight, I didn't actually pick up as much as I thought I did for myself as most of the things ended up being Christmas presents for friends. However, the things I did pick up have been sat waiting to be blogged about! There wasn't the biggest selection of brands there but lots of pretty things nonetheless. 

sephora paris haul

2018 Beauty Standouts

Woah, where did 2018 go? As cliche as it sounds, I honestly can't believe it - it was a year full of ups and downs but the best year I have ever had for sure. When it comes to 2019, I haven't really got many goals, just to be happy and healthy. In terms of beauty, my goal is to really shop my stash. I want to get through as many products makeup and skincare wise as I can. Over on my instagram stories, I am going to be using 1 different lip product a day for the month of January to get through the heavy load of them that I have. Then a new challenge every month to help me get rid. This will be be the year I use up more before buying more! 
As far as 2018 goes, there hasn't been many product that wowed me so I couldn't really categorise them into sections. However, these are the products that really caught my eye or that I repurchased over the year. 
2018 beauty favourites

Winter Essentials

W for wet, I for ice, N for never, T for terrible, E for ew and R for rain. What does it spell  - WINTER! In the second part of my winter series, I am sharing with you all my essentials for the mouth, body and skin. Whether you're a beauty fanatic or lazy girl, these products are bound to help you in someway.