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Kiko Universal Fit Foundation Review

kiko universal fit foundation review

I've found a new and very unhealthy obsession, foundation. In the past week I have worn a different foundation/base product every single day. Its become a fun thing to do, testing them out and trying them. One that I keep coming back to was kindly given to me as part of a secret santa with Nishi. Its one of her holy grails and my new favourite, Kiko's Universal Fit Foundation. 

A Year in Review

2016 for me was the year of discovering beauty to its potential, starting to experiment with trends and try new things. Monthly favourites aren't something that appear regular on here because I either forget to round things together or use the same things over and over again. Publishing this post has been a bit of an um and an ah but today we are talking all about my top 16 of 2016. I've tried to include makeup, skincare and random favourites. 


The Two Brushes You Need

If there is one thing you can never have too many of, its makeup brushes. You just have to have some for all occasions, moods and from different brands to try and test. I strongly believe that a good base (skincare wise) and quality brushes either make or break the final makeup look. My makeup hero is the beauty blender, however there are some things that magic sponge can't do. That is where these two brushes come in, my new holy grails, rid or die's and life saviours. Both makeup brushes are from MAC, who's brushes I have never tried and now am obsessed. 

4 Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy This Winter

I'm very guilty of giving my face and body a lot more attention than my hair, the lucious locks that I have sitting on my head seem to take a backseat during the winter and its time to change that. This winter, as well as focusing on my skincare, makeup and body care, I am giving more love to my hair. Here are some easy tips and helpful hints to keeping your hair healthy and happy this winter.