Everyday Makeup

My current makeup storage is a thin cabinet outside my room, which means that all my makeup isn't where I get ready. It has taken me some time to get used to it, but now I have a little section on top of my chest of draws that hoards the makeup that I wear everyday. It doesn't really change on a day to basis, other than the occasional switch up of lip colour and addition of eye makeup if I can be bothered. I give myself about 20 minutes in the morning to do my makeup and hair, so this is what I love to use. 

MAC Snowball Collection Haul

MAC always has a special place in my heart, it was one of the first brands that I tried that was 'high end'. When I saw teasers and official releases of the new Snowball collection, I was very excited. This year they seem to have done things a little different, a lot of things come as sets and the sets come in cut little bags, then there are special releases that are sold separately. A great deal of the products are encased in a gorgeous shimmery copper outer packaging. A few weeks ago when it first came out I was in Sheffield seeing Little Mix. Myself and Nicole made a trip to Debenhams and it was there in all its glory, fully stocked and ready for us - I picked two bits that I really wanted. 

Autumn Fashion with Lasula

As soon as the 1st of November hit, my wardrobe became a autumn wonderland. Out came the chunky knits, jumper dress, tights and of course boots. I love this time of year as it is perfect to wear anything and everything that is going to keep you warm and every so cosy. This post is a very exciting one, the lovely Lasula have collaborated with me to show you two gorgeous, easy and very inexpensive autumn/winter outfits that I am going to be wearing a whole lot for the next few months. 

Recharging Overnight with Benenox

Sleep. One thing as a race we say we need more of but never seem to have enough. With assigment deadlines, presenations to plan and working 9-5 twice a week, I never have enough sleep. Every night I say to myself, 9.30, I will be in bed or even sleep... next thing I know its 11.30 and I am yawning away only just getting my makeup off. I've been taking a little bit of the Benenox overnight recharge for the past week and a half and am ready to share with you all!