The Power Duo From Indeed

My skin is oily and always will be, but there are times when it is seriously dry and nothing other than slapping on lots of moisturiser cures it. However, I hate the feeling of lots of product on my skin and need something that feels lightweight and soft. For the past month, I have been using a duo from the Indeed Labs Hydraluron range to see how it feels and changes my skin.  

indeed labs review

Travel Essentials I Always Forget About

Whenever I go away, whether its a weekend away of a holiday there are always products that I forget. ALWAYS. These are the products, I end up buying at duty free, when in my chose destination or leave the house thinking 'I am sure there is something I have forgotten...'. They might not seem the most useful or necessary essentials to carry around but they are very multipurpose.
travel essentials that are essential

The ultimate style-guide for summer

Summer is just around the corner and there’s no doubt that instagram is soon to be flooded with pitcures of cocktails, beach pictures and days outs.
Whateever your style is at the moment, this is the perfect time to upgrade your wardrobe, and hopefully this will help you with that, I have teamed up with Dimensions, who offer a tailored workwear service, to bring you the ultimate style-guide that narrows down the best materials for the summer heat. The guide will also give you top advice on how to dress your best for all types of escapades — from crazy festivals to lavish pool parties. 
primark summer dress

Small Handbag Essentials

I'm a person that loves a big handbag, I love throwing things in without having to be limited to space and find it so much easier to just have a bag that will allow me to fit everything in from lunch, shopping and the thousands of lipsticks that I like to hoard. It was however, getting a bit ridiculous and I was finding myself dragging it along at times because it was so heavy and filled with rubbish. On a shopping trip a couple of weeks ago, I decided to splurge on a smaller handbag. Well I had a voucher so it just seemed like the perfect excuse!
small handbag essentials