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The Must Have Tarte Maneater Collection

The shopping channels do not get enough credit in my opinion, they have some amazing deals available. QVC are a channel that need to be shouted about more, they stock brands such as The Ordinary, Benefit and more! Last week, I spotted on their facebook that they are giving customers an exclusive deal. This deal included a range of products from the one and only Tarte, who are a difficult brand to get your hands on here in the UK. This weeks special deal from QVC is a 7 piece set at only £43.96 (RRP £60), yep you read it right all this Tarte goodness for under £50 and if you opt for the easy installments option like me, you only pay £10 a month compared to the full payment. 

Tarte has been on my radar for a while now, so getting this bargain of a deal was a no brainer! I will be revewing everything in more depth over time, but for now here is what you can pick up in the set.  
Tarte Maneater Collection QVC

Bloggers Made Me Buy It

One thing that blogging has done for me, is a give me a negative credit card balance - all the damn time. Every time a blogger raves about something or a few bloggers share photos on instagram of a product it just has to be mine. Half the things in my makeup collection are blogger enabled so it is no surprise that my collection is so large, I think the power and influence bloggers/youtubers have is incredible. I've received such lovely messages in the past, saying that they're loving a product upon my recommendation. That is the best feeling in the world! I've tried to narrow down to the products that were mainly influenced by bloggers and here's what we have..
Blogger Made Me

Breaking Stereotypes

The weather in the UK has been bloody fabulous these past few weeks, when the sun makes an appearance so do all the British people! We're like bees! To make the most of the spring weather, I took the opportunity to meet up with Charly one week and shot lots of gorgeous pictures. That girl knows Liverpool like the back of her hand and found the most gorgeous location. It worked perfectly with this floral outfit! Expect to see other outfits over the next few weeks.
spring dress

Korean Inspired Beauty from Oh K! Life

Korean beauty has taken the world by storm, some say that they are ahead of the beauty industry by at least 10 years. Everything from BB cream to cushion compacts are all now essential beauty items that originated in Korea. They inspire western brands to create packaging that is unique and enables easier application. Products are formulated using ingredients that effective, safe for the skin and hydrating. Oh K! Life have taken all this as inspiration and created a range of products that brings Korean beauty to the UK. 
Oh K! Life Review