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Weekend Pamper

Who doesn't love a good old pamper evening? Or even day, whatever you prefer! Thursday marked my last day at university for a month, before going out on placement and there was no better way to celebrate than having some me time and indulging in some beauty treatments. We all deserve some TLC from time to time and don't forget that. My focus this week is on three things, skin, lips and nails!!
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Running Late Routine

Everyday, I see people who have spent a reasonable amount of time in the morning putting themselves together. Whether it be perfecting the winged liner, wearing the knee length boots with a thousand and one laces or creating that super sleek straight hair. 
 If you’re one of these people, then hats off to you because where on earth do you find the time? 

I'm definitely a morning person over night owl but in the sense of ... 

1. Hitting the snooze button a thousand times over
2. Using simple and multi-purpose products to make me look alive
3. Having to eat breakfast on the way to university or work

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The Current Favourites

Really had no idea what to call this post, it isn't really a monthly favourites as they don't seem to be a thing on here anymore/it's not the end of the month. So I guess more of a currently loving at this moment in time post?! Hopefully, I can come up with a much better title than that...they are by far the hardest part about writing a blog post - anyone else agree? I've been loving so many products lately and just had to shout about them! 
march favourites

The Beauty Edit with John Lewis

At the moment my university timetable is a little all over the place, we are due to go out for placement next month so it is a long wait ahead. My placement will be over the summer term, which I couldn't be more excited for! The weather will hopefully be better so I can take the children outside as well as have the chance to wear pretty floral dresses and ballet shoes. As it will be during the summer, my makeup needs to be long lasting and fresh. John Lewis have recently launched their Beauty Edit: Artistry which is a collection of products perfect for that fresh and summery look. 

john lewis spring edit