Reasons to be Cheerful on Blue Monday #YouMonday

The 15th January 2018 is better known as Blue Monday, it is apparently the most depressing day of the year. But we are going to make it much better and turn the Blue Monday into a #YouMonday with Gemporia. They sent me some goodies to try and have some me time, let me tell you they are incredible and here are some ways you can have the cheerest day! 

At Home Gel Nails with Pink Gellac

Getting my nails done and doing them has always been a hobby of mine. For the past year I have been getting acrylics but for a few months this year I want to give them a break and look at ways of making them stronger but still look pretty. The lovely people over at Pink Gellac* kindly gifted me their at home kit and since having it, I have been obsessed with it and I am sure it will getting a lot of use over this year.

pink gellac review

A Healthy Start to the New Year

I am one of those people who loves setting new years resolutions, they give me a goal to work towards and about 80% of the time I stick to them and follow through. A few years ago, I set myself the challenge of not eating chocolate and I did it - the toughest 365 days of my life but I did it. Other resolutions have included passing my exams (so cliche), getting fit, personal life goals. Some of my friends have got resolutions such as losing weight or wanting to move out and to do this they have sell up their previous property. Selling Houses Fast sounds like a complicated process but as always there are simple ways around it.

One of my more personal goals this year is to look after my body inside to out, doing little changes to make myself feel better and hopefully more refreshed. These are some of the things I am hoping to do this year:      
eye health for the new year

Tarte Shape Tape £4 Dupe

The much hyped Tarte Shape Tape Concealer is one of my favourite discoveries of last year. I bought it around March time on QVC and have used it nearly everyday when I wear makeup and the tube is still going. Would you say its a favourite of mine? Yes 100%. One thing that I don't like about it is the price. I have never spent this much on concealer in my life and don't really fancy spending the same amount again when there are other cocnealers out there that I love. 
Makeup Revolution (another cult favourite brand) have released so many products recently and their new concealer caught my eye straight away. The first Superdrug that I visited were completely sold out of it but another had lots in so I just had to get one. Upon purchasing, swatching and looking at it, it reminded me of the Shape Tape almost immediately. So, of course I had to put them to test. 
makeup revolution tarte shape tape