Travel Skincare Essentials

Back in June I wrote a post all about the travel essentials that I always forget and me being me, will still probably forget them! Today, I thought I would share with you the skincare essentials that I just can't not take with me somewhere. These are full size version of products, and have their own little section in my suitcase. These are the skincare bits, that I take along with my makeup cleanser and lip balm. Small travel sets are so handy to keep in hand luggage, like this La Mer set.

travel skincare

The £1.99 Face Mask!

Until the start of this year, I really didn't realise the benefit of a good mask. They are the one of the best products to sort out any skincare concerns, from dryness to oiliness. It gives the skin a real good deep cleanse whilst giving you that time to just sit there and do nothing but relax. No better feeling than that. I try to do a mask every week now, whether this means making one at home or using a ready made one. Recently, I have been using three different masks from Derma V10, which are available to buy from Savers and Bodycare and they only cost £1.99! But is the price worth the product...
derma 10v masks


The Shoes That Go With Everything

I never really used to be a shoes person, the cheapest pair of ballet pumps from Primark used to do me. Until last year, I suddenly became more aware of how a good pair of shoes can make or break an outfit, similar to how accessories change the look of something. My love for them grew and I found myself spending more money on a good pair of them and finding an interest in styling them different ways. They are also the one item that I love to transition throughout the year, for example boots in the winter, pumps in the spring and then sandals in the summer. This summer, I have found the pair of shoes that will literally go with anything and everything all year round. 
uppersole review

Rimmel Stay Satin Lipsticks

When liquid lipsticks first became a thing, they were my favourite type of lipsticks to wear. The lasted all day, looked amazing and did not budge. Then I fell back in love with lipsticks, and rarely touch let alone wear a liquid lip. This was until Influenster, very kindly send me eight of their new stay satin lipsticks. 
rimmel stay satin