Cohorted October Box

Last month I reviewed the Cohorted September box, and it is fair to say that it blew me away. The products in their were amazing and the price you pay for the box, makes you want more! This months (October) box arrived at my door the other week and I was shocked! Thank you so much Cohorted for sending me another one of your amazing boxes, this one is a RIGHT TREAT! 
The theme for this month seems to be getting ready for the Autumn/Winter, with lots of goodies inside that will take you into the new season - ready and prepared. 
cohorted october box

Styling Knitwear for Work

The weather has definitely taken a turn for the worse this week and for me, it has meant having a good look at my wardrobe. I love wearing pretty things to work, but want to stay warm at the same time. After a lot of trialling, I seem to have found the perfect pieces to take me through this season. They can all be styled in a different way each time to switch things up and I get excited every time I wear them!

Antipodes Round 2

I first discovered the brand Antipodes around the beginning of this year. Their Rejoice face cream changed my post winter dry skin for the better. This time, I have more incredible products to share that will be taking my skin into the winter and more or less after too. 
antipodes sensitive skin

Boohoo for Students

Boohoo is the ideal place for students at the moment, they not only offer some amazing clothes but they have so many deals just for students. They recently got in contact with me to tell me all about their newly launched Student Hub! It is the one place for everything you need to keep your wardrobe up to date this new academic year, from shoes to bags - there is everything on the site. Its so easy to navigate through and you are bound to find something that catches your eye. 
boohoo meal deal