Currently Loving #11

Marvellous May! We are nearly half way through 2021 and this side of the year definitely looks better than the start. I get my second vaccine this weekend and I could not be more excited. April saw lesson observations, work load increasing, meeting people outdoors, getting my nails done and so many more wonderful things! 

Heimish All Clean Range Review

When it comes to innovative and life changing skincare, Korean beauty is where it is at! They have the widest range of products and there is something for every one and every different style of skin type. I've been tests the All Clean range* from Heimish for the past month and I have some thoughts...                             

Liquid Lipsticks That Won't Budge

With wearing masks more and more, makeup that we wear seems to be getting less and less. My makeup life however is slightly different! I am still wearing makeup daily for work and wear a mask at select times during the day but not all day. For me, this means that I still need a long lasting lipstick that won't budge from my lips with and without a mask. I fell out of love with liquid lipsticks a while back but now they are my new best friend! p.s they're all nudes of course

Garnier Shampoo Bars Review

A brand that always seems to be innovative with haircare is Garnier, after recently announcing that they were now Cruelty Free, the brand has been coming out with so many amazing new launches. I love their Ultimate Blends range and when the new shampoo bars landed on my doorstep I couldn't wait to give them a go. My hair is in desperate need of a cut, its so thick and gets tangled so easily! Anything to help me wash it and help it by infusing it with lovely products is good for me.