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Baie Botanique Skincare Review

Can you believe that we're in October?! Its crazy, how fast this year is going and the months are flying by. As the months go, the weather is becoming colder and my skin is feeling the effects, with it being more on the dry side rather than oily. Which means that its time to switch up my skincare and add some different products. The past few weeks, I've been using three products from the Baie Botanique* rose renew range and they've been working some great wonders on the skin. 

The regenerate line is primarily made up of rose and rosehip, both which have incredible benefits to the skin. They help to renew the skin and leave it looking glowing, young and feeling gentle.
Baie Botanique Skincare Review

Greece Sephora & Duty Free Haul

Currently in that depressed, take me back on holiday and get me in the sunshine mood. Normal right? Its been just over a week since I got back from holiday and since then I've started at uni again, moved into a house and finally had a chance to show you the goodies that I picked up. When we went toy Heraklion for the day, the capital of Crete - we hunted down the Sephora. It was a very exciting day indeed! They didn't have many brands and it was a tiny little shop but well worth the visit. 

Greece Sephora Haul

Kiss & imPress Nails Review & Giveaway

One of my favourite things to do is paint my nails/getting them done. Nothing beats a gorgeous manicure and pedicure, really gives your look that finish. Today I bring you a very very exciting giveaway in collaboration with impress and kiss nails and lashes *squeals*.

The Highlighter Wardrobe

Crazy isn't the best word to describe how besotted I am with highlighter. Over the last few months, its all I've wanted to buy, wear and now share with you all! All through summer and now through winter, the only thing I will definitely be wearing everyday is highlighter, the look of it is just gorgeous! In this post I have narrowed it down to my top 8 favourites, in that 8 three are actually blushes and 1 of the 3 is purely a blush but I use it in a certain way. To make it easier to follow, they countdown from 1 -8 so you can skip to a certain one if that catches your eye.

budget highlighters