L'Oreal Infallible More Than Concealer and Infallible Fresh Wear Foundation Review

When I started out blogging, L'Oreal were one brand that I used to buy everything from. At that time, they were the talk of the town - everyone loved everything from them and this was before other brands started to make more of an appearance in the beauty world. The True Match foundation was my favourite along with their lipsticks from the different ambassadors, powder and of course nail polish. Then I stopped buying anything from them for awhile, the only thing I have used recently is the Pro Matte Foundation but even that was every now and then. 

Then, out of nowhere I had this urge to try their new launches. One being the More Than Concealer which was making its rounds on You Tube and the other is the Fresh Wear Foundation, which is a relaunch/reformulated version of their original Infallible foundation (post here) which I also loved. One impressed me and the other I am on the fence about ... 
loreal 2019

Antipodes Holy Grails

All I seem to be taking about lately is skincare on here and on instagram, but I seem to be getting a slight obsession with it. My skin has become so important to me and the way my makeup looks is down to my skin. Antipodes have been a brand that I have loved for over a year now, and each time I use their products I notice an instant difference in my skin - without a doubt. Even my mum does! That is the biggest seal of approval for sure. I have pretty much talked about every product from them on here ... but these 4 are my current go-to's, holy grail status! 
antipodes oily skin

LQ Liquid Health Review - Is It Worth It?

It has taken me a LONG time to realise that for good skin it means looking at what I put in my body as well as products used on my body. Even though I've upped my water intake, I still eat lots rubbish. When its the time of the month, I find myself desperate for everything sweet or fried - which I know is bad but it tastes so delicious. I was very kindly invited to give LQ Liquid Health’s Skin, Hair & Nails liquid supplements a try. After hearing the benefits and reading about other peoples take on the product, it was very easy for me to say yes. The main ingredient is collagen which is the most  naturally occurring protein in our bodies.  Drinking liquid collagen is like drinking liquid gold as it  can have benefits not just for your skin, but also for your nails and hair. 

Why Sheet Masks are the Perfect Sunday Treat

Sheet masks are the easiest and most effective way to give your skin some love. They are also a very fun way to relax by yourself or with others - who doesn't enjoy a good giggle?! These are just the many benefits of sheet masks, in fact, the list is endless. My current go to sheet mask and the one that is currently on my face, is the Procoal Marine Mositure Mask. Procoal are a British brand that produce high quality beauty products that are kind to the skin.
ProCoal Marine Sheet Mask