LIB X Style Beauty Awards Box

I am not the biggest fan of beauty subsciption boxes, I find the products inside are very repetitive and not at all what I like/actually need. Latest in Beauty however are always a little different, they make one off special edition boxes that put the rest of the boxes you can buy in a dark hole. Their newest collaboration is with the Sunday Times in honour of he Style Beauty awards and boy let me tell you its a cracking collaboration. The box costs just £25, which is pricey for one box but the contents inside is well worth it. You get to choose six products from their list, most of which are full sized and almost create a box that you want to try things from.  Brands include The Body Shop, MAC, Essie and Charlotte Tilbury. Yes you did just read that right. I had my eye on a couple of bits and when I read on twitter from Hannah (amazing blog is here), that something had come back into stock I jumped for the buy button.
latest in beauty sunday times style awards 2018

Revolution Pro Haul

Ever since Makeup Revolution launched their brand a couple of years back, I have been obsessed. Since then, they have evolved and taken the world by storm. Recently, they've had a massive change around, so Makeup Revolution is now just Revolution. Freedom which was more for makeup artists is no longer exists and they now have Revolution Pro and Obsession along side the normal brand- if that makes any sense at all? Anyways, this post is a good old haul. I haven't done a haul on here in forever, I seem to just jump straight to the review. This is a haul of all the bits I've picked up from the Pro range. There was so much I wanted to try but I went with the top part of my wish list and am so excited to try it all! They are however all on one site called Revolution Beauty, and in selected Superdrug stores.
Revolution Pro Haul

Currently Loving #3

As another month passes by (quickly as always) it is time to share products that I have been asboutely loving and using non stop. Some this month are basic tools, the items that I just can't live without on a daily basis, I feel like these are sometimes hidden away and not loved enough. March has disappeared infront of my eyes and I am hoping that I give April every love and attention it deserves before life gets busy again.               
march favourites

Skincare Diaries: Dr Roebucks

If you didn't already know, I am slightly addicted to skincare. It takes me a while to test things out as I have to make sure that my skin doesn't break out, actually benefiting from it and then using it within my routine. I have been slowly adding some bits from Dr Roebuck's into my routine to see how they are and have to say that they didn't disappoint. I've been using some in the morning, some at night and then just mixing them up into my everyday routine.                                     
Dr Roebucks Review