Being The Girl Who Goes For It

 ''The past is your lesson. The present is your gift and the future is your motivation.'' Who doesn't love a good quote? I think that just reading something really motivating can change your whole mood, day or even the task you have at hand. I love positive thinking and everything that comes with it, a firm believer that what you aim/strive for is what you get and in life even though you get obstacles, never give up. This academic year (new year, new goals) I am going to become the girl who just goes for it, saying yes even when I'm nervous and saying no when it doesn't feel right.                 

Regis Beauty Box: The Autumn Edition

Good Morning Everyone! I'm here wayyy before my usual posting time and not on my usual day but it's for a very good reason. Today is the launch of the new Regis beauty box, this time it is there Autumn edition, which is not only perfect for this time of year, but also a great way to get your hair, skin and everything else ready for the season change. 
Their last box sold out so quickly, that I wanted to make sure you all know about this one before it sells out just as quick! This edition is packed full of the best brands out there to help get ready for the autumn/winter season. 

Regis Beauty Box: The Autumn Edition

Morning Shower Treats

My morning shower routine is where I basically get as much done as possible, spending 15 to 20 minutes might seem like a long time but I cut down so much time buy getting everything done in one place, from bodycare to skincare. It is handy that over the summer, I have got into this routine as when I start univeristy, it will cut down so much time and hassle.
shower treats

Day to Night Outfits

As I head back to uni this weekend, it is time to sort my wardrobe! I hate having to choose which clothes to keep at home and which to take, not because I have so many but more because I don't ever seem to have enough in one place. There is always something at home that I had wish I had with me over there and vice versa. The struggles of living in two places is very much real and a real pain too! I tend to go for outfits that I can wear both in the daytime for a lecture and then in the evening, whether its for a meal or even a late night shop. Here are three of my favourite outfits perfect to wear whenever, wherever featuring some stunning pieces from Tobi