#PixiLoves Eyeshadow Palettes Swatches and Review

Pixi pretty much knock it out of the park when it comes to skincare. More recently, they've started to launch makeup too. I still pinch myself when their PR packages come through the post, its such a dream! Their newest eyeshadow palettes came not that long ago and I couldn't wait to get playing around. I'm not the best at eyeshadow, never have been. When I wear any eye look, its simple and basic - so apologies that its a little boring.
pixi eyeshadow palettes

7 reasons why I LOVE Spring

Birds singing, lighter mornings, the sight of lambs and baby chicks, Spring flowers and of course a new Spring wardrobe. There’s so much that Spring has to offer. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the summer time, with those seemingly endless days of glorious sunshine, and I enjoy everything that Autumn has to offer, from the colours and bonfires and the beautiful sights and smells, and Winter of course means the Festive season is upon us!
But Spring also has so much to offer, from gorgeous flowers to the latest celebrity gatherings like Met Gala, and to show just what you have to look forward to, I’ve rounded up 7 reasons why I LOVE Spring!
7 reasons why I LOVE Spring

Everyday Work Makeup

During the week, I typically apply my makeup at about 6.30 and then don't remove until about 7pm. Just a little over 12 hours, and over time I have found hardcore products that stay put on my face and keep me looking flawless. There are a few things that get swapped out for other products from time to time but for the most of it, this is my staple go to look. I have oily skin, so my main goal is to have a matte face that doesn't shine throughout the day. 
everyday makeup for oily skin

Currently Loving #6

The past two months have been a time for me to rediscover old product and fall in love with new products too. I've realised that if I'm not using something - bin it. If I love something - use it up. My skin is also calming down a lot, the only thing I'm dealing with now is the scarring side of things, which has meant that having a more dewy makeup look has been my go on some days and matte on others. I've been loving the change in looks and its been so much fun experimenting. 
monthly favourites

This is just the perfect daily moisturiser, within seconds of applying it, my skin feels hydrated. It is very lightweight, making it perfect to use under makeup and even as a primer. My face just looks alive and rested (which is most definitely isn't). This is just one of the many rose products from their range that I have fallen in love with - can't fault this at all. 

Flower Beauty Foundation //

There's a full review and breakdown of this foundation in this post, but I couldn't not mention it. On those days where I want to wear less makeup or need to be out of the house quickly this is perfect. It applies like a dream and makes me look very dewy. The other way I use it is by mixing a tiny bit of the flash balm in with, to create an almost tinted moisturiser. Perfect for when my skin needs a little bit of something to keep me looking one colour. 

MUR Baked Bronzer

I love bronzerrrrr, like sooo much! I love how they warm the skin up, give it some glow and wearing one reminds me of summer - which I can't wait for. After spotting this baked one in Superdrug it was too hard to resist it, just look at how pretty it is, all the golden swirls going through it - magical. I love using a big fluffy brush and pouncing this all over my face. It gives my face warmth and a gorgeous subtle sheen, which is more than enough for everyday wear. They have a few shades of this and I think in the summer, I may need to go one up from this one. 

Pixi Rose Glow Mist*

Did I mention I'm obsessed with my skin looking dewy? This doesn't just stop at my face either, my legs and arms are also in on the action. This glow mist is technically for the face but applying to my body is the best decision I ever made. It makes my skin GLOWWWW. The tiniest spritz massaged into the skin after applying moisturiser, gives it another layer or nourishment and this subtle, shimmery sparkle that when it hits the light, it looks stunning. If you have this, please try! 

MAC Soft and Gentle

An oldie but a goodie. I'd forgotten about this skin finish because so many other highlighters have taken over in the recent years but finding it again has made me the happiest girl. The pink and silver shimmers mixed together, create this perfect highlighter for everyone. On my skin tone is just gives me that BOOM of a highlight that I can't stop staring at. 

What have you been loving this month?