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4 Simple Ways to Put Yourself First

As a society, we are so wrapped up in work, school and family life. It is easy to forget about ourselves, yes that's right, I am talking about YOU. Worry about everyone else but don't forget that you are the most important person and have to be put first. Here are a few easy ways to rekindle the fire within and putting you first...

putting yourself first

Charlotte Tilbury Haul

Sometimes you've just got to treat yourself, or if your me, you constantly treat yourself! It was Valentine's Day this week and for someone who doesn't have a secret admirer it was only fair to buy myself something. Maybe not, but its a reason to shop for new things...
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Affordable Skincare to Banish Breakouts

Battling with a breakout is a nightmare,debating over whether you apply this product or that, what could be causing it? Just some of the many questions we all must find ourselves asking. Recently, I have been testing these T-Zone products* that are available to buy in Primark, B&M and Savers, to help banish breakouts - even the under skin painful ones! They all cost under £5, can't get any better than that! 

The Glam Face & DIY Surprise Party

Two weekends ago was the most stressful weekend of my life, my mum turned 50 and as a family we took it upon ourselves to host a surprise party. She had absoutely no idea, until the moment she walked through the door and we shouted SURPRISE. The look on her face was priceless, it was such a great night and its crazy that we actually pulled it off. 

The most important parts of the night for me, were the decorations because the venue was bare without anything. Then of course my makeup, I obviously needed to look the part as the daugther of the special person and had my makeup planned out for weeks. I managed to do an entire face in the dark with the tiniest mirror in just under 10 minutes, proud doesn't even cut it!