Achieving Glowy Skin When You Have Oily Skin

Giving this post a title was SO difficult, I have combination skin which leans on the oily side but lately I have been loving a very dewy and glowy look compared to matte and shine free. It has been hard to find the balance between looking lovely and like a frying pan but I have sussed it out. A few simple steps and inexpesive products is all you need oh and this post, of course! Just a warning that the words dewy, glowy, oily and shiny will be used a great deal in this post 😂
glowy skin for oily skin

At Home Spa for Less

Over the last few months, I've become obsessed with bodycare products. There's just something about applying and using products that smell heavenly and then last on you. I have a serious issue with getting perfume to last on me all day, to counter this I have found that using products that soak into my body are much better for me. There is a whole basket in my room that is full with different soaps, creams and bath bombs, all ready to use depending on my mood and I just take whatever I fancy that day. One range that I have been loving recently is The Body Shop Spa of the World Range, not only do I love using each individual product in the morning but at the weekend I use all of them together to give me that at home spa experience. 
the body shop spad of the world

Being a Girlboss

 There's a line if Stormzy's part in Power by Little Mix that really catches me every time, he says that you can be a woman and a boss and wear the trousers, at the same time. At first I didn't really think about it much but when you hear it over and over again as a super fan of the group you actually start to listen to the words and it made me realise that what he is saying is the truth. Let's take the term girl boss for example, a word that has being coined to describe someone who has dreams, are the boss of their own life and are true to themselves. It is a term that I love and admire. To be a girl boss you have to feel like one and for me that comes down to my surroundings and look. 
being a girl boss

Swoon Worthy Eyeshadows

I'm in the process of moving student houses and as I go into my third year, I've decided to down size on everything that I own including makeup. Whilst doing this, I've rediscovered some old favourites, most of which are in the eyeshadow department. Since owning the ABH Modern Renaissance palette I haven't really used much else shadow wise but that is all about to change because these rose gold/gold beauties are incredible. 
rose gold eye shadows