3 To Try From DHC

DHC is one of those brands, that keep popping up. From instagram feeds to blogs, they are a Japanese skinare brand that make unique products. Mixing Japan with Spain, to create products that are unique and expertly created for everyone. Their products are made with olive oil, yes you read that right. A very simple yet effective ingredient that promises a lot to the skin and these past few weeks, I've been putting some of these products to the test.
DHC Skincare Review

The Birthday Face

 This was a very impromtu post, I didn't think that my birthday would include any going out plans due to being in work all day but in the evening my flat mate and I, ended up going out for some food. So, I took that as an opportunity to doll myself up and look presentable. Its been a while since I've worn a full face of makeup with lashes and everything - it was very exciting! Thank you to everyone who wished me on tuesday, I was so overwhelmed and overjoyed.                                    
the birthday face

Turning 20

Today, the 13th June, I turn 20! So long teenage years and hello 'adult life'. I'm the last in all of my friends to turn this grand old age, feels like a long time coming. I am actually spending my birthday in school, as I am currently on placement. So teaching, like I will be doing (hopefully) for the rest of my life. I've never had a rest on my birthday, for as long as I can remember, its either been during exam season or I've been working/at school. Its not a bad thing, as I never quite know what to do with myself apart from shop and eat. Sounds ideal! 

In celebration of turning 20, here are 20 things you may not know about me/things I have learnt over the years. Claire also tagged me to do the Blue Sky Tag and it has taken me so long to do it, so here are my answers, they are intwetwined within. 

kimono outfit of the day

The Pre-Summer Edit

It seems a bit silly doing a post called the pre-summer edit, but at the moment we aren't really in full summer mode. It is still miserable, I have no holidays planned and I am working! So, the aim of this post is to get us all in the mood for the summer and brighten up a gloomy weekend. There is a whole mix of beauty in this post and I tend to go for the same products for a few months and then rotate everything around, expect an actual summer edit in a few months time! 
summer edit