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University Preparation

As this month draws to a close, the next month is back to school month! I finished with university for the year back in May and this time next month, I'll be back for my second year. Can' believe how fast time is flying, this second year comes with so much more responsibility, work and stress! 

I am so ready for it and can't wait to get stuck in, this post is a little hack post. Whether you are starting your first, second or even looking at starting in the near future - I do hope this helps you out! 

2nd Year Preperation


''Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.'' Mahatma Gandhi
I'm not a big jewellery wearer but when I do wear it, I love small and dainty pieces. My fingers always have the same rings on, my wrist wears the same watch and around my neck - I am constantly changing. Lately, it has been this gorgeous layered necklace from Happiness Boutique*. Its small, cute and elegant. 

The Happiness Boutique is a place for inspiration, positive thoughts and a place to make you feel and look good. They find the best picks from trends around the fashion world and give you the highest quality of products. 

Happiness Boutique

7 Common Foundation Mistakes, You Should Totally Avoid!

If you are planning to go for a natural makeup look or something shimmery you can never ignore the importance of makeup foundations. It is the line which draws the real difference between an expert makeup artist and a newbie. Makeup foundations can make your face look cakey or even result in skin breakout that may result in an utterly disastrous situation. So, ladies always choose your foundations carefully according to your skin tone and skin type. A Makeup foundation that works well with an oily skin may not necessarily work fine with a dry skin or combination skin. So, it is better to read their reviews first on Paulas Choice or other beauty blogs to make sure if your selected foundation can work for you or not. I have gathered some mistakes that ladies should avoid while dealing with the makeup foundations.

7 Common Foundation Mistakes, You Should Totally Avoid!

The Cold Shoulder Trend

Fashion is not my forte per se. I'm the kind of girl that puts on her pjs after a long day at work, prefers sweats to dresses. Such a bore I know. But, I like to dress up every now and then and when I do - I feel amazing! Today's outfit features a gorgeous cold shoulder top, that looks very simple but then pow its open, khaki and flowy. Featuring my gorgeous and green garden. No more mirror pictures!! 

cold shoulder top