The Glowy Makeup Edit for Oily Skin

When the summer months come around, I give my makeup a switch around to give me more of a glow. However, I am an oily skinned girl - achieving that glow is hard when your body just wants to produce oil and make you look like a greasy mess. I've compiled together some products that give me a lovely summer, bronzed, glowy look and it doesn't take much either. I did a similar post last year, the year before and the year before that too!  Apologies now for the over use of the words glow, glowy, dew, dewy, shiny, oily ect...       
The Glowy Makeup Edit for Oily Skin

Rabot 1745 Body Scrubs

Did you know that Hotel Chocolat don’t only make chocolate? They’ve also got a whole beauty range named after the place where their chocolate story started. Since 1745, the Rabot Estate has been producing cocoa beans and providing employment for the local farmers. But in recent years the  cocoa production has seen a real decline.... and with that the Rabot 1745 story began.
The Rabot Estate plantation in Saint Lucia is now the inspiration for a full range of beauty items, perfumes and diffusers. Some of these products are based around chocolate, but a lot of the range takes inspiration from the tropical location of Rabot and contain ingredients grown on the estate.
rabot 1745 coffee scrubs

Evening Summer Makeup

The weather over the past week has been glorious. As a family, we have been going out a lot more in the evenings after work, as its cool but still a little hot. This makeup look has been my go to, as it is lightweight. Still having golden eyes and skin with a bit of a nude lip. I think its important to seem it simple when the sun is out because you don't want to be clogging up pores and looking extra oily. I've also been loving some new makeup brushes and just had to share them with you before they get really dirty and I forget to clean them....
evening summer makeup

Getting Sandal Ready Feet

Personally, I think that it is now appropriate to wear open toed shoes, sandals and wedges. It is nearly July and the weather at the moment is glorious. So you don't need any excuse, get those summer shoes out! Work rules don't permit me to wear open toe/sandals plus I wear tights half the time with my uniform but every other opportunity that I get those summer shoes will be out in full force.
If you are anything like me however, then your toes have been hibernating for the past six months. Layered under socks and stuffed inside boots and wooly tights, safe to say they need some TLC and here are some easy ways to do that. 
summer feet tips