Garnier Shampoo Bars Review

A brand that always seems to be innovative with haircare is Garnier, after recently announcing that they were now Cruelty Free, the brand has been coming out with so many amazing new launches. I love their Ultimate Blends range and when the new shampoo bars landed on my doorstep I couldn't wait to give them a go. My hair is in desperate need of a cut, its so thick and gets tangled so easily! Anything to help me wash it and help it by infusing it with lovely products is good for me. 

Spring Beauty Transition

I am loving this Spring season. Compared to last year, when we were in the first lockdown, this one has a lot more benefits and positives. It also given me a chance to change my beauty routine for the season. When I was indoors all the time last year, I didn't really bother but this time of year from April to June is my favourite!



Payday Haul

Since January to now, I have been as good as I can be with spending money on beauty products. I've loved shopping for clothes and have repurchased products such as cleanser and moisturiser as they are essentials.  Then on my most recent pay day, after online teaching to normal teaching, half term was the perfect excuse to splurge and treat myself. I didn't get lots of things but some products that I have had my eye on.

Skincare First Impressions #1

My post man has been delivering me a lot of skincare recently and I am so happy and thankful. I think PR or samples are something that I love and am always so grateful for - its like its my birthday whenever a parcel comes! This past week I have been trying some new in bits from Antipodes, Dermalogica and Shiseido and thought I would do a sort of first impressions post and then hopefully review them fully in the future. After a week back teaching actual humans, my skin needs all the love!