The Two in One Lip

One of the things I love about the online world is that there is no limit. Anyone, everyone can do anything and whatever they like without any restriction. This is the same when it comes to makeup, I feel like the beauty world has taken a massive leap since online blogs, instagrams, youtubers and more became so popular. With the growing popularity comes the urge to want to buy more things and create those looks. Let's not joke when I say its really hard. It is hard to recreate those glamorous looks without spending money on the same products because you just know it won't look the same. HAX, is a new brand and exclusive to ASOS who make this just that bit easier. They've created kits that makes recreating the instagram look so much easier! 

Celebrate in Style with Elvi

This might just be the most exciting weekend of the year so far. Its the ROYAL WEDDING. I am someone that loves and I mean loves the royal family and the wedding has got me super excited. I am working through the wedding but will be live streaming it on my phone no matter what people say. This post is in collaboration with Elvi, who have kitted me out with some amazing goodies to celebrate the wedding in style. 

Beach Essentials

It is starting to become that time of year again where people are jetting off on their holidays, whether it be to another part of the country you live in or somewhere else. A getaway is a getaway and everyone needs time out to relax, eat lots of food and spend some time on the beach. I usually leave all my holiday posts for August, but this is probably the best time to publish as the holiday season has pretty much started. Today's post is all about my beach essentials, I love spending time by the sea and when you're armed with these essentials you will not want to leave. 

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Spring Instagram Ideas

Ahh Instagram... the platform that promises so much but delivers nothing. At the moment, I am finding it really hard to grow on the gram and I think a lot of others are too. However, I am not letting this get me down, and this month have committed myself to thinking about the platform positively. This means posting when I feel like it, posting what I want to and making sure that I am happy with the content. See a trend with all of this? Its all about me. Your instagram feed should be for you and no one else, post what you like who cares! This post, is a little list and a few ideas about what you could post if you are having a bit of a creative block.

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