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One thing that always cheers me up and gives me some light is online shopping. I am very bad at it and when I see the words Paypal, I get even more excited as I don't have to fill anything in. The other night I was in a real funk and wanted something to cheer me up, the end result? A Beauty Bay order of Makeup Geek Eye shadows. Here they are in all there beauty..


Makeup Geek Review

I was pleasantly surprised with the delivery service from BeautyBay. I ordered 5 eye-shadows and paid little to nothing for delivery. They arrived within a week, packaged in a small cardboard box. Inside I was left with five little pink and monochrome parcels of gorgeousness. Each pan comes in a small packet, with the front clear in plastic to see the shadow and back to see the name.
Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma

The eye-shadows are absolutely tiny compared to anything I have used before. I placed this one in my hand to show you how tiny they are. With that been said, they are very deep in the case and will last a long time. The best thing about them is the names are on the back, they are clear and easy to see. 

The Shadows

Makeup Geek Shadows

On BeautyBay there is the popular option to buy a Z Palette  that come in different sizes to store each one. I am currently making great use of my Crowd Colour Palette. Eventually, when I build my collection the palette will look full and a bit more normal. The magnetic bases of the pans, attach to the palette in ease and sit ready to use. 

Upon first glance of these I was in love. The sparkle coming off some of them was insane. If I could I would just stare at them all day and gasp. Then it was time to touch them and swatch. The initial swatch of anything is always my favourite thing to do because it feels like nothing else. They were soft, buttery and super easy to glide on to my arm. Each one needed the tiniest touch to get a bit of colour and I believe using a brush will also only mean a small tap. 

Shades wise I went with Bitten, a deep matte red colour. I've seen a far few youtuber use this as a red smokey eye. Sensous which I can only describe as a gorgeous silvery purple. Frappe which is a medium matte brown perfect to use in the crease. Twilight which is very similar to Sensous now that I have swatched them side by side. Another muted purple, this seems to be one to use in the center rather than all over. Then we have Shimma Shimma which is my new favourite highlight colour. Inner corner, brow bone, cheeks the whole works it is stunning. I adore all of them that I have purchased so far and now have my eye on more and the foiled ones! 

The shadows themselves are really pigmented and as you can see with just one swipe they are showing their full colours. They are also really buttery and soft which tells me that blending them will be a dream. You can see in the swathes below that they really glitter. I'm planning on creating a killer eye look with them and showing you very soon - stay tuned! 

Makeup Geek Swatches

I really want to expand my collection of their shadows and fill my palette up, if you have any suggestions then please let me know! 

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