Two Little Birdies || Review ♥

When I got the chance to be able to review this lovely notebook I couldn't refuse the amazing offer! This 'very special notebook' from Two Little Birdies is so cute and to be fair so are all of their products they have available!
Two Little Birdies
When I opened the parcel it was wrapped up with a cute little rope bow and a tag! I was in awe at how pretty they had made their packaging! I opened it up so carefully because I like to keep things like this safely, and when I did unwrap it I couldn't believe how adorable the actual notebook was! 
The products on their site are all from new talented people and they truly believe in british desginers and many of their things are made right in our country!
Two Little BirdiesTwo Little Birdies

I have now officially names this notebook my 'blogging notebook' where all my ideas and brain storms will be jotted down. The top right hand corner has a list of the days of the week, so I can also write down a to-do list for each week to keep me on top of things. I love the feel and rustic look of this notebook, as it is different to anything and everything I have ever bought. 
Two Little Birdies

*pr sample


Amy Deverson said...

The notebook looks gorgeous! Great review.

Lisa n Carrieanne said...

So cute I love note books and never feel I have enough even though my partner would say otherwise

Carrieanne x

beautyinbeta said...

So cute! I love love love things with birds on!! Beth xox

Adela said...

Such a cute notebook. I'm obsessed with stationery.
Adela x

ClassandGlitter said...

Thank you and it is! x

ClassandGlitter said...

same! i have like a little collection xx

ClassandGlitter said...

same and owls as well! xx

ClassandGlitter said...

thank you and it is adorable! xx