Happy 1st Blogiversary Class & Glitter ♥

Hello beautiful readers! This post is a very special one in my mind as it has been one whole year since I started blogging and posted my first ever post! I remember the day very clearly, I had spent ages designing the whole page and wanted everything to be perfect like the other blogs I had ever read. And then it was time to publish and I clicked 'Publish' did I know exactly what that meant? Nope..Did I know what to expect in the future? Nope! And from that day on I haven't stopped taking photos, reviewing and blogging for all of you out their and I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and never want it to stop. We are a one big family and I feel so happy when people follow, comment or even click on to my blog because I find it amazing that you want to read what I have written. 
The appearance of my blog has always been important to me and here is what it looked like when I first started out and you can read my first every blog post here, which is all about winter! 
Happy 1st Blogiversary Class & Glitter
I went into Curry's the other week and used one of the Apple laptops and took a cheeky picture of my blog on their and left it running so people can read it hehe. My dream is to own one ... lets all wish together! Personally, I prefer this look and theme then the pink one :)
Happy 1st Blogiversary Class & Glitter

Still in complete shock that I have come so far and wanted to let you all know that I love you and say a big thank you to all of you! Lets say cheers and raise our pretend glasses to another year or even 100 years! 

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