Summer Essentials with Nivea

 We might be half way through August (crazy right!) but that does mean its the end of the summer yet. I've seen quite a few people online saying they can't wait till the Autumn. I love the autumnal seasons but why wish the summer way - we hardly get a hot one in the UK and I think we've been really lucky this year! 
Whether you're planning an abroad trip or having a stay-cation this year, I have some essential summer products and tips to keep you glowing and fresh all summer! 

1. Smell Fresh All Day Long
One thing I get so conscious all year round it smelling of sweat. I take deodorant with me everywhere as I hate the feeling of sweating, the smell and the general stickiness of a hot day. The dry fresh spray is a great deodorant to help with all three issues and it sets dry under the arms, so you don't have to worry about marks or stains. 

2. Inside to Outside 
The best thing to do on hot and humid days is to stay hydrated - sounds so cliche but I feel so different when I don't drink enough water in the day. I feel more lazy and tired compared to when I do drink lots of water and feel better and energetic. It also works wonders for the skin, face and body!

3. Safe in the Sun
Away or at home, sun safety is still just as important. The UV rays from the sun are harmful and can damage the skin. Applying sun protection to your face and body is the first thing you should do in the morning and then reapply throughout the day. If the sun disappears or I fancy a little bit of colour, I love using the Q10 Gradual Tan*. The moisturiser gives skin a tighter feeling and leaves a natural-looking, radiant glow. I'm not a fake tan person but this gradual moisturiser is a no brainer! 

4. Cool Down At Night
The hardest thing in the summer (heat or no heat) is going to bed. Its difficult to get comfy, wear the right clothing and just have a good night sleep. For a few weeks now, I've been showering at night and it has made the biggest difference to my sleep pattern. Not a cold one as the body can go into shock but a lukewarm one with plenty of the new Fresh Blends Shower Cream* keeps me cool at night and smelling delightful! 

What are you summer essentials? 
*pr samples, all opinions expressed are my own

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