Pixi Summer Glow

I adore Pixi skincare but their makeup is quickly becoming a favourite of mine too and I am finding myself using some of their items in my daily makeup routine. They very kindly sent me their summer glow kit and it really is the perfect collection for the summer time.                    

Summer Glow Palette £18

For less than £20, you are getting a palette with three highlighters and six bronzers. Its sold as a multi-use palette, which means these shades can be used as eye makeup too! I've been loving a few select shades from this palette, some don't show up on me very well and others look beautiful. The right hand column has my favourite three shades in, the middle bronzer is perfect to contour with and use a matte eye shadow. The top bronzer is more of a blush in my opinion and looks super pretty mixed together with the highlighter at the bottom. A trio for the summer. Some of the pans have a lot of fallout, so you have to be careful when applying. 

Lips & Eyes

Liplift Max (£12) another staple in my everyday routine and one that I reached for a lot last week when it was hot af. This hybrid gloss is a gorgeous coral with golden shimmer running through it and looks perfect with a no makeup and makeup look. 

The Pixi Endless Shade Sticks are perfect for two reasons; firstly they are great if you're lazy or terrible when it comes to eye makeup - these can be swiped once over and you're down. Secondly, they are gorgeous not just in formula but in pigment and usage. They can be used on top of other shadows, mixed together or even as a base - so versatile! 

Finally, we have the large mascara. I'm not one for mascara on an everyday occasion as I wear glasses and my eyelashes hitting the lense is v annoying. This has a huge wand with a very dry formula. I can't say I love this and I can't say I hate it either. Its great at giving me volume but doesn't do much more else :( I think I need to try it out more and play around with it, maybe on my bottom lashes?! Hopefully I can make it work.

This collection screams beach-y vibes, summer, lots of glow and prettiness! 

*pr samples

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