Nail Week: Tools For The Perfect At Home Manicure


In case you missed the first post, this week is nail week on Class & Glitter, my one true love after makeup. On Monday, we talked all about a gel nail system, which you can read here. Today we are talking all about tools that help to achieve the perfect at home manicure. I am not a professional by any means but have picked up tips and tricks along my way from salons.
tools for a home manicure

Cuticle Remover .... Pushing cuticles back is a debate amongst many, some think its useful and good for the nail and some think its harmful and not needed. I like using the Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover, its gentle on my cuticles and hasn't ruined or made my nails painful. I put a tiny bit on each nail, let it sit for 30 seconds and then push back using one end of the metal tool in the picture above. This trimmer works wonder, it isn't harsh and doesn't damage the nail. Always remember push not scrape! 

Nail Glue ... I'm a lover of press on nails, so glue for me is an essential! This KISS one is the best I have found, lasts for ages, doesn't smell horrible and actually works on the nails. Glue is also great if you like apply gemstones or accessories onto the nails. 

Nail Buffers... A nail file is of course an essential, but a nail buffer is just as important! I love using these plain white ones that are so inexpensive but you typically find the 4 ways ones. Buffing is essential for smoothing out ridges and getting rid of imperfections. These are great to get into every nail corner, even the hard to reach ones. 

Cuticle Oil... My new favourite obsession, cuticle oil or just nail oil in general. I am currently loving a Sally Hansen one but I have found a BlueSky one that I love too! Oil for your nails is so important, it keeps them strong and healthy as long as you keep applying it daily! It helps with keeping your manicure shiny and fresh, even when it starts to chip away. But the greatest thing about it, is that it helps to remove polish (gel and normal) from the skin!! 

After you finish your manicure, if you have little bits that have spilled onto the sides then apply some cuticle oil over the area. Rub it in, then carefully use tweezers to peel off the polish. This is a much easier way to remove than using polish remover and it neatly cleans the area up. 

Hand cream... I don't know about anyone else but the increase of washing hands and use of antibacterial gel is making my hands so rough! I hate the feeling of dry hands and nothing can cure them apart from a generous helping of hand cream every single day. I keep a tube next to my bed, in my bag, in my desk - everywhere! You can never have too many.

There you have it, my top essentials for doing your nails at home. All products and under £10 and wonderful! Hope this post has come in useful! If you love nails, then I have the most gorgeous collection to show you on Friday! 


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