Nail Week: BLUESKY Summer Collection 2020

                                              NAIL WEEK: BLUESKY Summer Collection 2020                                          
For my final post this week (catch my gel system here and tools for at home nails here), I am showcasing to you the newly released BLUESKY Summer Collection*. A brand that a lot of professionals use, including my salon and a brand that is loved my at home novices too. They have a huge range of gel polishes, the gel system and the accessories you need to go with it. Known for their affordable prices, great quality and absolutely stunning shade range. I am so excited to share with you this exotic, bright and fun loving range.    

bluesky summer collection 2020
The best place to purchase BLUESKY products are from Diva World. They stock everything you need to get that perfect at home gel manicure. These shades were very kindly gifted to me from them but I have since purchased the BLUESKY top coat, base coat and oil because I wanted to try out the full works! 

Key Features
The reason why so many people love BLUESKY is clear to me now after using their products for myself as opposed to someone else using them. Their polishes have 14 DAY HIGH GLOSS WEAR. 
Within those 14 days, you will not get any chips or smudges! After curing under a UV/LED lamp you are left with a mirror, high shine finish. Perfect right? 

Like I mentioned earlier, this summer collection is everything you want. Its bright, its bold and its beautiful. If I could paint all the shades in one go on my nails I would but that wouldn't be the best idea...instead I've done 'nail swatches' for four of the shades and shown you how two of them look on my nails...
bluesky summer shades

First up we have two bright pops! 
Beach Party (£6.95) - A lovely vibrant fuchsia pink that is perfect for the hands but I think would look even prettier on the toes. The amazing formula means you only need a minimum of 2 coats to get that colour pay off and I think it would suit anybody!  *Update: After writing this post, I decided to change my toes to this shade and it looks fabulous with sandals and just in general! 

Shake It (£6.95) - I love the price point on all these polishes, very affordable and a great 10ml bottle too. This is a summery, very out there orange; perfect if you love a pop of colour on your nails. I like how this orange isn't neon, its more muted and pretty. I bet, it would look amazing with the pink as like an ombre look?! 

bluesky summer swatches

Water Games (£6.95) - An absolutely gorgeous almost baby blue but with a cool undertone shade that is the perfect holiday shade. I've never worn blue on my nails, but I think this is the shade I am going to wear next, its so eye-catching and pretty. 

Peanut Ice-Cream (£6.95) - This was a shade that I didn't really know what to think of at first. In the cap of the bottle it looks very green but then when you apply it, it looks just like the colour of ice cream!  I would say its more of a pistachio colour and is very pastel, perfect of the spring and summer. 


Last but not least, we have the two shades that I immediately fell in love with and have been talking about to people in my life non stop. I have received so much love for these on instagram this week and in real life. The two shades on their own are stunning but together create the most perfect look. I found it really hard to photograph the true colours but I'm hoping you can see just how beautiful they are! 

Pink Martini (£6.95) - This is the lighter shade of the two. Its a very pale peach with a lovely warmth to it. It doesn't look horrible or white, its beautiful! Then the darker, coral peach is Lolita (£6.95). The perfect shade to wear when you have a tan as it really makes the brown in the skin pop and look beautiful. I just can't get over how amazing these both look together! 

I am head over heels for all of these shades and I think they will last me all through the summer time, each can be worn on their own or mixed with each other and other shades that you might own. Which is your favourite? 

*pr samples

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