Nail Week: Semilac Gel Nail System Review


If there is one thing I am really missing since being in lock down, its got to be my regular visits to the nail salon. I loved going in every few weeks, having a chat, choosing a new nail design and just having that 1 hour out from normal life. However, its been a good thing at the same time because I have had more of a chance to do my own nails. When I was in high school, I was part of a Nail Club. In this club, I got taught everything to do with nails and those skills have stayed with me until now. 

Recently, I have been loving doing my own nails at home. This week I am showing you a gel system, gel colours and some tools that are an essential for doing your nails at home! 

Today's post is all about a nail system called Semilac. They very kindly sent over their starter kit* for me to have a play with. Spoiler alert - I'm obsessed!   
semilac review

If you are looking at investing in a starter gel nail kit, then I would highly recommend Semilac. The kit contains a lot of things that others out on the market don't and its much more affordable. The kit costs £60 but has enough in their to last you for ages.

- UV LED Lamp at  36W
- Semilac Removing Wraps
- Nail Cleaner 50ml
- Semilac Acetone Remover 50 ml
- Base coat
- Top coat
- Mini Buffer
- 2 Semilac Mini Colours
- 1 Semilac Full Size Colour - which you can choose.
semilac review at home gel nails

My kit includes three gorgeous shades, two which I have tried out and included in this post and one which is yet to be tried - its more a winter colour. Application wise, this kit has to be the easiest one I have used. It doesn't take long to cure under the lamp, you aren't left with a sticky residue at the end and the whole process can be done within 15 minutes once you get the hang of it.

In the above picture I am wearing 'Biscuit' on my natural nails, its a lovely off white with a slight pink tint. Then, underneath I am wearing 'Sexy Red' but this time painted on top of some false nails to give me some length - it was my birthday after all. 

semilac review easy cheap gel nails at home

               The UV LED is a gorgeous pastel pink colour on the top and white at the bottom, lightweight and easy to use for the hands and feet. It has a ON/OFF button and adjustable timer so you can vary the length of time between 45 or 60 seconds. 
Each bottle holds 7ml of product. It was quite easy to work with, the bristles aren't too stiff and the  brush width is just perfect even for my small nails and the long nails I applied. 

After applying a coat of Semilac BASE and curing for 60 seconds, I paint on two coats of my chosen colour. The gel polish was very well pigmented and I only ever need two thin coats for full coverage, this is both on my natural nails and false ones. It applied easily and together with Semilac TOP I've got beautifully glossy nails. The top coat leaves a sticky layer which you have to clean off with the Nail Cleaner. It doesn't remove any of the shine or colour, which some gels I have used in the past does. 

I have found this kit life changing, to the point where I think my nail skills might keep me going for a few more months or even after the nail shops open! I've loved applying gems and now looking into getting more colours to do some pretty designs with. I have a post coming soon about some gorgeous summer gel colours!

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Are you a fan of at home nails?

*pr sample, all opinions are my own

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