5 Work Life Balance Tips

Since starting my full time teaching job last September, it has become really important to maintain some sort of 'work, life balance'. Which means having days where I just switch off, evenings where I do nothing and days where I don't stress about the little things. With teaching, there is a tendancy of doing more work than you need to, and trying to stay ahead of them game - when truthfully, that just can't happen. I pushed myself a lot in the first half term and it was draning, both physically and mentally. Its a job that I enjoy, I shouldn't be hating the work life. These are some of the things I've learnt to do along the way; to help with having a life and working at the same time.
work life balance tips

teacher life balance

To have any sort of balance I have had to get myself a diary/planner to help me. I needed something that will keep me more postive and self motivating. I have been using the Daily Goal Setting Planner from Mál Paper*. It retails at £20.95 and comes in pink, black and grey. It has a faux leather hardback cover and is embossed on the front. The pink caught my eye the most as it looks pretty on my nightstand. The planner has been split into sections; a monthly overview, weekly overview, daily overview. Then inbetween are quote pages and there are 2 ribbons to help find the correct pages. 

1. Organisation

If there is one thing I have learnt in this past year, it is that you have to be organised. At the start of every month and sometimes even ever week, I sit and just plan out my life. It looks a lot messier now then it does in the image above but that's not an issue. I know where I need to be and when not to double book. Its a great help with organising things with friends as I can tell them exactly what I'm doing and whether I'm free.

2. Let Go of Fear

When I first started getting in to the swing of things, I wanted to acheive and strive for more. I was worried that if I didn't then someone would say something, or I'd be letting myself down and I didn't want to miss out on something important. I stopped thinking like this once my parents made me understand that I am good enough and what I am doing is enough, if it isn't then who cares! Let go of the 'is always more' and just live in the moment.

weekly goal setting planner

3.  Priortising with Weekly Goal Setting
This  Mal Paper planner helps setting goals before the week even starts, this page in the planner is split into three sections. Its all about priotising what is the most important things to do, then the secondary tasks, additonal tasks and then there is a section to review the week at the end and reflect on what has happened. I've found that doing this every day helps my mind stay calm and not on overtime all the time and helps me understand what I need to do and what I can leave for late.
 Prioritising our day, allows us to schedule the tasks that will help push us closest to our long-term goals, first. Having 10 things on a to do list is great  but focusing on achieving just 3 or 5 important things every day is even better. Achieve them and your motivation will go through the roof. Have too many and don’t complete them and your energy levels will drop.

4. Have Fun
I have always been someone to stay in and not go out because of silly little worries. It got to around Christmas time and I thought ' I'M SUCH A BORING PERSON'! And I had to change this straight away and start switching things up. Since then, I've been away for little weekends, done spa days, treated myself to days out and just done things that make me feel good. If you looked back at the last week, how much time did you spend having fun? If you answer is not much - then you need to change. Trust me, its worth it.d.
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5. Express Gratitude 
Sometimes we are so caught up working through and dealing with the day to day and having our mind in the future that we forget about the here and now. Since owning this planner, I have thought about how essential it is to sit and reflect. I usually only ever expressed gratitude when something happens or someone does something and you feel grateful. You say thank you, maybe send an email. But infact, its more than that. Its about saying thank you for the little things. By appreciating what others do for you daily, or even what you've done for yourself is so uplifting and a great reminder of how great something was.

It might seem hard and a long road ahead, but it can work and you can do it. Hope this helps x

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