2 Must Have Eyeshadow Palettes under £10

I'm addicted to ''drugstore'' makeup. There are so many things that attract me to it; the quality, price, accessibility and the wider range of brands that are available. Years ago, there was only a few brands stocked in both Boots and Superdrug but now there is so much choice and variety! I love L'Oreal, Maybelline and for the past couple of years Revolution. They've killed the makeup game and are constantly bringing out products that are incredible. I was very touched when they got in touch to send me a couple of bits and lets just say - they did not disappoint.
i heart revolution palettes

pizza eyeshadow palette

PACKAGING - I am slightly in love with how the palettes look. Such unique and eye catching designs. They are very bulky and probably not the best for travelling (if you are going light) but still nice to take with you. There are also big mirrors inside which I am not complaining about. 

Lip gloss is my current go to lip product, the Salted Caramel gloss* £3 is such a bargain! It smells sweet and isn't too thick to apply, it has a little bit of sticky texture but when paired with just liner it looks and feels amazing. Its a true Brown/pink colour and looks great. 

I Heart Revolution Cherry Chocolate Palette

 Left - Cherry Chocolate // Right - Pizza 

This palette is perfect if you are a real pink lover, it screams rosy and warm pink and nude tones. The palette holds 18 matte and shimmer shadows. There is a real mix of highly pigmented colours that creates a wide range of looks. Of the two, this has been one I have been reaching for most and has been packed in my holiday makeup bag too because it is so me. The shades are great for the price, each one swatches beautifully on my hand and look amazing on the eye too. A few of the matte shades take a while to show up on my skin tone but that is probably because they are far lighter than me. I created a very pink look with this palette and loved the final result. 

I Heart Revolution Tasty Palette Pizza

 Left - Cherry Chocolate // Right - Pizza 

Upon seeing this palette I didn't really know what to think. The pizza design is something I have never seen before but the shades inside are truly spectacular, each named with something to do with pizza. For example; there is stuffed crust, slice and even deep dish! I have to say the packaging is a bit childish but the shadows pack a punch and do not disappoint. There are 18 shades, just like the chocolate bar one, with a mix of mattes and shimmers. These mattes swatched and applied beautifully and are very pigmented on both the arm and eye. However, there is a lot more fallout with these, so you have to  do a lot of cleaning up afterwards. The shimmers on the other hand are incredible, they pack a real punch and make me use the palette more than I thought I ever would. 


*Thank you so much Revolution for these incredible palettes!

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