Pre-Holiday Pamper

We booked a last minute family holiday and I am so excited! I need some sun, sea and sand in my life - and a much needed break. Before jetting off in a couple of weeks, there are a few things I need to do to prepare myself. It amazes me that women have so much to do/prepare before going away, but men - hardly anything! These are just a few things that I do to make myself look and feel good before Even stepping on the plane.                                            
easy holiday pamper

holiday pamper


My holiday prep always starts with my hands and feet. Honestly, nothing is more important then making sure my fingernails look pretty and summery and my toes look sandal ready. I get acrylics on my fingers, which I am going for tomorrow - I'm thinking blue?! But my toes are something that I do myself and take some care with. This time round, I've gone for a light, baby pink colour thanks to the amazing Sensationail Gel Nail Kit* which retails for £49.99. The kit includes everything to do my own gel nails at home, the base coat, top coat and the lamp. It took me 3 coats to get the pink looking pink but I am so happy with the overall result. My toes look pretty and my mum's fingers look gorgeous too! 


I have this weird obsession that before I have an important event, whether it be a party, or just a family get together, I have to make sure that my eyebrows are trimmed, shaped and not let loose into the wild. I tend to get mine threaded around ever 8 weeks, in between that time I don't get much growth but enough to give them a trim and keep them at bay. The Rubis Scissors (£23.50)* are great at helping to trim the top of the brow, where there might be any awkward hairs, its easier to cut then pluck. Then we have the life saving tool of all tools, 'The Eyebrow Shaver (£7.49)*. I first heard about these from MakeupGeek on Youtube a few years back and have been addicted to them ever since. It doesn't hurt to use them and literally takes seconds to remove any unwanted hair. I love that it has a slightly cornered edge to shave under the arch. 

bondi sands tanning milk


I am blessed with skin that tans pretty easy, nothing extravagant but a little bit of a colour after being in the sun gives my body a nice even tone. However, what I've noticed is that my legs never seem to tan. I've never been a fake tan person and probably never will be, but this Bondi Sands Gradual Tanning Milk has been a great help in giving my legs some pre-holiday colour. Its just like a moisturiser, but over tan has given my legs a nice golden glow. It doesn't stain the hands or have a funky smell. This little bottle was £6.99. 
Then in Primark a few weeks back, I spotted their version of the popular body shimmers that are very in. This was less than £5 and does a lovely job of giving my skin a nice shimmer without looking over the top. It is sticky when first applied but then dries down and looks really glowy on arms and legs. 


I went for my first ever facial on Monday and it was so much fun! The Spa resort that I went to with one of my friends, offers a wide range of Elemis facials and my skin loved the one that I had done. It was specifically targeted for hyperpigmentation and breakouts. I love that since then, my skin has got a natural glow to it and is feeling much more plump. From now until the holiday, I am hoping to keep it calm and avoid anything harsh to make it react.

Do you do any pre-holiday pampering?

* pr samples


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