Currently Loving #7

Happy May! The months are flying by and I am loving a whole new set of products. From skincare to makeup, there's a whole mix! My aim in April was to really shop my stash, use products that have been collecting dust and trying my hand at new products too. 

L'Oreal Foundation (full review)
I have no bad words to say about this foundation, none. This is actually my second bottle and I can't imagine life without it. It gives me medium coverage for everyday, lasts on my face through work and hides everything. The biggest positive for me is that despite it having quite a fragrant smell to it, my skin doesn't break out and I haven't broken out whilst using it. 

MAC Soar Lipstick with Fenty Gloss Bomb in Fu$$y
This lip combination is one that I can't get enough of! Soar is a stunning lip liner from MAC and one that I have used for years, when they realised the lipstick form - it took me seconds to order it and I am so glad I did. This shade is the perfect dark, mauve pink nude and just looks gorgeous. When paired with the Fenty gloss on top, my lips are in heaven. This gloss isn't sticky or irritating, like some are. Its lightweight and easy to wear - so no hair sticking on the lips! 

My under eyes have become so dry recently. When I don't drink enough water, they really suffer and more than ever a few weeks ago they were horrible. They hurt to rub and there was so much flaky skin. The only thing that helped them and restored them back to normal was this eye cream from Antipodes. It was soothing on the very sensitive area and provided it with some moisture. I popped it in the fridge a few nights and the cooling sensation on my eyes was so nice. 

Sunday Riley U.F.O Oil
SR is a very luxury skincare brand, this is only the second item from them that I have ever tried but I am keen to try so much more. This oil was one I bought from someone on Instagram, who was selling a bottle only 1/4 for £25  - a bargain! I apply this on my chin every night because the combination of ingredients help the spots stay at bay, even when its the time of the month. It keeps them away and I couldn't be without it. 

Zara Perfume
On a recent trip to the beloved Zara, I picked up one of their perfumes to try and I am madly in love. This one is my everyday work scent, a quick spritz and I'm good to go. Its very floral and sweet, which is what I love for work and the scent *actually* lasts on me for a few hours. I just loveeee it. 


I am loving green tea at the moment, I seem to be drinking like 6 cups a day. Its very good for you and at work instead of coffee with lots of sugar in, this is much better. 
In the TV world there are so many things at the moment. Jane the Virgin is currently on its final run and the emotions are high. I am so invested in the series, the characters and the storyline that I don't want it to end!! There is also Station 19, which is a Grey's spin-off, and the drama that happens is so interesting! I went to see Avengers: Endgame last week and my goodness it was incredible. 


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