Winter Essentials

W for wet, I for ice, N for never, T for terrible, E for ew and R for rain. What does it spell  - WINTER! In the second part of my winter series, I am sharing with you all my essentials for the mouth, body and skin. Whether you're a beauty fanatic or lazy girl, these products are bound to help you in someway. 

The Voice Essentials
I am currently on my third round of not having a voice and an awful cough. Out of nowhere, I seem to have this sharp pain in my throat and then everything goes down hill. To help combat this the Grether's Pastilles have been my go to. Doing the job that I do, speaking is pretty important and necessary. Without these there would be no way that I would survive. 
Being ill, full of cold or having the flu sucks. I get so lazy when it comes to personal hygiene, you just want to stay in bed - disgusting I know! The Breath Co have this oral rinse that makes being lazy a whole lot better. It refreshes the mouth and makes you feel clean, the mint taste is really lovely for a mouth rinse. I am obsessed. 
Pure Papaya

The Dry Skin Essentials
There is no other essential in the winter than a product that keeps the dry skin at bay. Around this time of year my nose starts to peel, my lips crack and my hands get super dry. However, this year has been a different story altogether. Since discovering P'URE Papaycare* my life has transformed. The lips is a balm that I apply whilst applying my base makeup. In that short amount of time, it deeply nourishes the lips. It is made using Australian Organic Papaya that is rich in antioxidants and enzymes, which leaves the lips feeling supple and kissable for all that mistletoe! 
Then we have the ointment, which is one of those products that you don't really think you need, but without it you wouldn't survive. I've actually packed it in my suitcase for my Christmas break because the uses are endless. I take a small amount and apply to nose and hands every single day, several times to avoid them cracking and feeling dry. The papaya which is inside the ointment accelerates the shedding of old dead skin that leaves it smooth and nourished. These two are LIFE-SAVERS. 

The Skincare Essentials
I have raved about Antipodes on here several times as they are one of my favourite skincare brands, they have product that are simple and effective. The winter is such an important time to take care of your skin, body and face. The Halo facial mud mask is the perfect pick me up for when your skin is feeling and looking a bit dull. As soon as this mask is removed from my face, my skin is just lit up. It looks a lot more radiant and awake. Then there's the Clarifying Toner that calms any winter breakouts that may appear. With all the chocolate eating I've been doing this month, this has been amazing at hiding and soothing that mess. A definite essential in winter is a eye cream, one that is creamy and sinks into the skin. The Kiwi Seed Oil eye cream smells delicious and soothes my eyes so much. I can't believe its taken my so long to use this! 

I love this time of year because it is so exciting but let me tell you, my body 


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