Dermalogica Redness Relief Essence Review

I've been loving Dermalogica products for around 2 years now and they have changed my life. Products that have worked magic on my spots, scarring and the overall look and feel of my skin. Couldn't be without them. Their newest product is the Redness Relief Essence, that is like a serum and toner in one. In the k-beauty world, essence plays a big role in the skincare routine.  Its a key part of the 10 step routine and it's about having the right products that do the right things, and using them in the right order. I've tried to use it as often as possible for the past month and this is a round up of my thoughts...                     
dermalogica redness relief essence review

The essence costs £19 for 50ml and £38 for 150ml. Its available on their site and other partner websites, they also have stands in some department stores. 

Here is what it claims to do to the skin: 

Reduces the appearance of redness
Boosts hydration and helps strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier
Calms, soothes and balances skin

dermalogica redness relief essence review acne

I apply this right after cleansing my face, but instead of using a cotton pad, I go straight in with my palms. It has an almost milk like texture and is quite sticky to touch so has to be applied straight away. I take it between both palms and almost 'slap' it onto my skin, I've found this is the best way otherwise it gets stuck in my hands. The first week of trying it, there wasn't much change in my skins appearance, it looked the same. Then with continued use, I found that my skin wasn't as angry and red anymore. Even the areas with scars and spots it looked calm and normal. 

If you are someone that suffers with Roseaca or very red skin then you will love the long term results of this as it really does balance and soothe the skin out. I love applying products on top of this as well, as I can really feel things sinking into the skin rather than just sitting on top of them. I have had to use this consistently and religiously to see a difference and looking at reviews on line, others have had the same experience. As a step to balance my skin, tone and soothe it is an amazing all in one product. I want to experiment with it more and try the Korean 10 Step Routine, to see how that changes my skin! 

Have you tried an essence before?


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