Becoming a Savvy Shopper with Dealspotr

Before I ever buy anything online or order a takeaway, I always do a quick google to look for the best deals and voucher codes avaiable. 99% of the time there aren't ones that fit the amount I've spent or the area I live in. It's a constant circle of trying to find something. A few weeks ago I joined Dealspotr, the hot new site that promises to save you money whilst making you money at the same time. 


What is Dealspotr? 

When you type the deal you are looking for into Google, there are thousands of results - but which one to pick? Which is actually valid to use on a Saturday? Or which can be used for any purchase not just over £50. Its hard to find the deal that you want and need at that point without having to mess around and try out different combinations of letters and numbers. Dealspotr, is a database for all your saving needs. It has thousands of members who help one another out by posting deals, codes and vouchers everyday with accurate information, expiry details and all the information you need for deals that you want to know about. Its a crowdsourcing platform, so anyone can post, edit and creat deals on the site. This makes the information, in my opinion more accurate.

What makes Dealspotr different to the other sites? 

dealspotr review

Dealspotr in general is such a fab site, but one thing makes it stand out from any other site out there, is that they offer rewards in return for deal saving. Every time you complete your checklist for the day, which consits of different tasks such as liking deals, validating promo codes or posting new deals you earn points. Over time, these points add up and 10,000 points you recieve a Amazon gift card. It seems like a lot of points, but it is so easy to get there and if you sign up using my referral link you'll automatically get 5,000 points and then the rest is up to you. 

Validating deals is one thing I really enjoy, discovering new brands and stores that I can make a purchase from. Having a browse on the site and then seeing how potentailly someone can save.

You can also create your very own feed, that shows the things you are interested in, stores you love and even people who might be on a interest. This way you have deals and codes that are going to suit you and be worthy. There are also so many influencers on the site, and from subscribing to them and following the deals they post, I've found new bloggers to follow. Some are money saving bloggers and it sounds like I live a boring life, but reading about how I can save money is one of my favourite things to do. 

dealspotr review

The only issue with the site is that it is US based, this doesn't stop anyone from other countries to post on the site - I've posted two deals from Amazon UK and there are other Non-US residents on the site too. Just a bit of a pain that half the deals on there can't be used by us, some can, now that countries ship across the pond, such as Sephora. Despite this, it has not stopped me from using the site and helping out others. 

I've been using Dealspotr non stop since discovering the site, its a community of people who want to save money and can help you save money too. No more searching endlessly for the best way to shop savvy, Dealspotr does it all in one. If you are someon than loves saving money and do not want the hassle, then this is the site for you. 

What are your favourite ways to save? 

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