Achieving A Bad-Ass Glow

No matter how much I told myself that there is no need to order the new glow kit, guess who did? ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿ™‹After seeing a hundred and one pictures of it and videos talking about it, there was something inside of me that just had to have it. For so long, I was very much on the fence. This is the second thing from ABH that I have tried and without trying any other glow kit - I've gone straight in for this one. Iqra who's just fabulous,was also on the fence and when she caved, I ended up caving too. But was it worth the price tag and hall of fame reputation?  
anastasia beverly hills nicole guerriero glow kit

anastasia beverly hills nicole guerriero glow kit worth the hype

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anastasia beverly hills nicole guerriero glow kit review

anastasia beverly hills nicole guerriero glow kit

This palette has only been mine since Friday but technically Wednesday as that's when I missed the delivery and since then it is all that I have been using and wearing. Every single day because it is so beautiful. Anastasia Beverly Hills now has a UK website and it makes getting a hold of their products so much easier, it is also super quick and very reliable! After ordering it on Sunday night, it was scheduled for Delivery for Wednesday - typical I missed the delivery but it came within three working days and this was using the standard shipping option. Very impressed with both ABH and DHL! 

I have been a huge fan of Nicole Guerriero for a long time, her tutorials are always so in depth and the car vlogs are some of my favourite things to watch. The other glow kits, no matter how beautiful they are haven't caught my eye as much as this one did. It may have been the packaging, the fact that they've done a collab with someone I love watched or the look of the shades inside - but something just got my attention. 

The six highlighter pans come enclosed in a pink case and a sleeve to help keep it safe and protected when you travel. The kit is the first collaboration the brand has done as part of their glow kits and I doubt it will be the last after this has been such a huge success, it is also limited edition. 

 The glow kit retails for £39, which in my opinion is a lot of money (student problems) and the fear of spending this much money on something and then not loving it, petrified me but its nothing but love. Each single highlighter pan is buttery, smooth and very pigmented. One swipe and your highlighter loving heart will melt in awe of just how beautiful it is. Each shade in this palette is different and beautiful in its own right, my favourites have to be Glo Getter, Forever Young and Kitty Kat. They seem to suit my skin tone the best and when you mix them slightly, it creates this stunning glow. Daydream and 143 are stunning shades in their own right as well, but have more of a bronzey undertone. Looks amazing as a highlight, but on the eyelids even better! Forever Lit, is something extraordinary and different. It is a scary white highlight that is too icy for my skin tone to wear on its own but on top of the others and on top of cream highlights that I own, it looks gorgeous. 

If you like a subtle, barley there glow then this kit is not for you. Even though you have control over how much highlighter you apply and dip into, this kit is for the more intense loving and highlight on fleek kind of person. Spraying your brush with a mist such as MAC Fix+ will give you an even more bad-ass glow than before. 

If you haven't already guessed by my glowing review (no pun intended), this palette is worth every single penny. I'm slightly in love with, to the point that every morning I just stare at it before deciding which to apply - so sad I know but can't help it. If you want to treat yourself, or you know just buy some new highlighter than get yourself this palette asap. 

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