Essentials for Oily Skin

Having oily skin is an absoutle nightmare, you have to find products that last till midday or there abouts before having to retouch and check on the shine. Then there's the battle of breakouts, large pores and basically every skin problem possible. Over the past few months, along with some amazing skincare bits my oily skin has been tamed and no shine seems to appear until 6pm in the evening aka home time! 

makeup for oily skin

It all starts with prepping the skin, ideally doing this about twenty minutes before putting on makeup allows my skincare to settle and makes applying makeup so much easier. I then go in with a primer, The Body Shop Pore Minimiser (£9) is my go to for a long day, it mattifies, smoothes and minimised pores as well as helps with treating the skin due to tea tree being the main ingredient. Primers don't work for everyone, but serums are a great alternative with the same benefits. 

In terms of foundation, it goes without saying a matte finish is the best for oily skin. This guarntees a long lasting finish and makes you worry less about foundation wearing off halfway through the day. I've tried with dewy foundations, but my skin looks worse with them on then it does without :( I've not stopped going on about the Lancome foundation and probably won't because it really is just perfect for anyone with oily skin. Other favourites include the L'Oreal Infallible and Maybelline's Matte & Poreless. All of these are targeted towards oily skin and stay matte all day. 

Regardless of the foundation power and the primer you have underneath, powder works a treat. Whether it be the trustee Rimmel Stay Matte or a loose powder, applying some to the t-zone helps a great deal with controlling shine and longevitiy of the base makeup. Sometimes, I find no need to powder (on a good skin day) as the foundation is matte enough to last but on some days I need all the powder! 

One thing that I have loved doing inbetween applying foundation and setting it with powder is blotting, this is of course something you can do midday to help with the oiliness. However, taking a blotting sheet or tissue, blotting off the excess product/residue of foundation and concealer and then powdering or setting the face works wonders. It removes all the excess oil that might just build up over time and I don't know why but my makeup lasts a lot longer. 

As slightly mentioned throughout this post, setting your makeup when you have oily skin is an essential. I love the L'Oreal Fixing Mist but have my eyes on a few new ones to try and expand my range. Spraying the entire face locks the makeup in place and helps with everything! Could not recommend investing in a setting spray enough. 

If you have oily skin what are your tips?! 

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