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Really had no idea what to call this post, it isn't really a monthly favourites as they don't seem to be a thing on here anymore/it's not the end of the month. So I guess more of a currently loving at this moment in time post?! Hopefully, I can come up with a much better title than that...they are by far the hardest part about writing a blog post - anyone else agree? I've been loving so many products lately and just had to shout about them! 
march favourites

eye candy lashes

Last month the heavily advertised L'oreal Infallible Total Cover foundation launched here in the UK. Upon first impressions I was not a fan, too thick and heavy for my liking even though the coverage of it was incredible! You can read my first impressions here, since then I have been determined to get some use out of it. On that post, Gemma who has an amazing blog and is just queen of everything commented that she uses it for concealer. A few weeks down the line and she's completely changed my thinking, using such a heavy duty foundation like this to spot concealer on the face (wouldn't recommend under the eyes) is amazing! It is the perfect colour match, the right consistency of a concealer and the coverage helps to hide blemishes. Using it this way has meant that I am getting more use out of it than before and it isn't going to waste. 
This month I also had to invest in some new glasses, boo! Why are they so expensive?! The new pairs that I have are so close to my eyes and a different shape to usual, everything and anything can be seen. Its like I've got a magnifying glass in front of my eye zooming in. The dark circles are still being tackled but the eyelids I have nailed. The Eye Candy Mega Lash 3 in Mascara* has been my life saver for university, it gives them length to make me look more awake and the fibres in the mascara adhere to the lashes to help them look more like false lashes. For the evening the Eye Candy full volume lashes* add that drama to the lashes - have to slightly trim these to fit my eye but they are stunning! 

freedom contour palette

On a recent shop in Superdrug, I noticed they had a Freedom display. Part of the same company that owns Makeup Revolution and one that I have never tried. On a whim, I picked up the 'Strobing Palette' which is a contour palette not strobing! It contains three highlighters, one which is more yellow based almost like powder and then three contour shades. My favourite thing to do is mix all three contour shades together ever so slightly and then apply it to the cheekbones and forehead. I have a feeling that I will be hitting pan on this very soon as it is so well loved, the darkest shade in the middle is very scary and ashy toned but still usable. They blend into the skin really nicely and give that defined cheek look.
the body shop paris peony

To calm and tone the contour down a little bit, I have been obsessed with the baked bronzer from The Body Shop. It adds more of a golden colour to my skin and the slight shimmer it as running through makes it the ideal two in one product for highlight and bronze. They also have blushes in this baked formula that I am really wanting to try out for spring! Another obsession of mine has been the Paris Peony Liquid Lipstick, this shade of pink is just so gorgeous and I have been wearing it non-stop. It really suits my skin tone and matches my very neutral makeup perfectly. 

A few weeks ago, an exciting package from Femfresh arrived containing their new line of products, a in shower shave cream* and a post shave balm*. Both of these products came with the Friction Free Shaving Set*, this is a subscription that you sign up to receive a new razor every month! Saves you having to go out when you run out and you'll know there is always a back up. I'm not someone who shaves, but wasn't going to let this new range and shaver go to waste, so instead I gave it to one of the girls I live with to try who does shave. 
She loved the way both products smelt for starters and couldn't believe the difference in her legs after using the products in conjunction with one another. The shave cream is made with argan and almond oil that really hydrated her skin, then the post shave balm which is very fancy indeed, soothed the skin and made it easier to control ingrown/stubborn hair. She's fallen in love with both of these and the shaver which is so gorgeous to look at! 
femfresh shave range

This is what I've been loving recently, what about you? 


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