Running Late Routine

Everyday, I see people who have spent a reasonable amount of time in the morning putting themselves together. Whether it be perfecting the winged liner, wearing the knee length boots with a thousand and one laces or creating that super sleek straight hair. 
 If you’re one of these people, then hats off to you because where on earth do you find the time? 

I'm definitely a morning person over night owl but in the sense of ... 

1. Hitting the snooze button a thousand times over
2. Using simple and multi-purpose products to make me look alive
3. Having to eat breakfast on the way to university or work

on the go makeup

If I do end up waking up late then my priority is getting out the door with enough time to make it in on time, rather than looking my up most best. Recently, it has happened more than a few times because my timetable is all over the place. One week I could be in all day and the next, such as this week I am in once for an hour - that is all! On some days, I am up and ready to conquer the world with so much time on my hands but other days I am as late as anything! 

The Most Important Meal

Since getting into drinking smoothies, making them the night before and keeping them in the fridge has proved a massive help. It means that I don't have to stress about making anything and have something filling ready to go. If I don't eat in the morning, I am so moody! 

Eliminating Jobs

From a young age, I have always been a morning shower person. In the bathroom, the majority of tasks are completed such as brushing teeth, washing face to prep the skin for a quick makeup look and of course washing the body. I tend to use body washes are really moisturising so that there is no need to apply anything else afterwards, does the job very well! 

The Five Product Face

As it is you are already running late, why spend more time trying to decide what makeup to wear or what look to go for. Instead, choose products that you know work for you and will help you look less tired and stressed. The Revlon Colourstay foundation is my go to because you can apply it with your fingers and still get a good coverage. It's all about the multi-purpose products such as the Sleek Faceform Palette, inside you find a contour, blush and highlight. Take one brush and apply all three as quick as possible, saves having to root through every compact. If I am looking really worse for wear then applying a tiny bit of highlight to the inner corners of my eyes to really brighten them up. Choosing a lip option is my worst nightmare, with so many to choose from! If in doubt a lip balm is the fail safe option or I use the lipstick that is in my handbag and apply on the way.

Comfort over Style

Picking what to wear when British weather is so indecisive is hard work, I usually go for the first thing that I see and it is always the same outfit. Pair of black jeans, pink jumper and coat. This paired with either boots of ballet pumps works a treat and looks effortless. I try my best to plan outfits the night before, but can never seem to stick to them and feel the need to change depending on my mood for that day. 

Waking up late is never fun, your whole day feel disjointed and all over the place. Not to forget the stress that you have to go through to make sure you have everything, remembered to spray deodorant and did actually lock the house before you left. But it is always possible, just have a plan ready to go.

Are you a running late kind of person or super organised?! 

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