Products Worth The Splurge

Anyone else watch videos and read reviews before buying a beauty product? I love seeing what other people thing and then debate over whether I need it or not. 99.9% of the time I end up buying it anyway and love it, there is rarely an occasion where I hate something - because I do so much research around it first. Always late to the party on luxury items, but the price puts me off and being a student is hard money wise, when you have a unhealthy shopping habit. There are a few products however, that have been worth the money and I do not regret buying! 
Products Worth The Splurge

My makeup is all kept in a large acrylic display, the draws are divided into different things such as one draw is for everyday makeup to allow ease of access. There's a draw beneath this that contains all the following luxury items, for some reason I love having them all together in one place. The storage unit is then accompanied by a pot of brushes and a pot of liquid lipsticks that refuse to sit inside a draw. The only thing missing is a mirror, I currently have my eye on a illuminated one from hollywoodmirrors, it would complete my beauty area and make up it look more high end.

The first product that takes proud place in the luxury draw, is of course the ABH Modern Renaissance. It hasn't been mine for very long but its very well loved. My go to shadows are the first six, more neutral and wearable everyday than the others but the pigmentation on all of the shadows are incredible. I was torn on whether or not to purchase this palette when it came out but a few months later (always late to the party) it just had to be mine, it is expensive but the velvet touch packaging alone is gorgeous and I am so excited to try more from ABH, 

One of my favourite products/launches from last year had to be the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop. It used to be a 'only on special occassions' highlighter but I've started using it more regularly and fallen in love with it even more. It adds the perfect champagne glow to your skin and the compliments you get when wearing it are like no other, others fall in love with it. Such a shame that I didn't manage to get my hands on the rest of the collection because Jaclyn did good! 

If there is one product that everyone and anyone talks about in the beauty world it has to be the NARS Orgasm. As per, I am late to the party! This is the most gorgeous blush that I have ever seen and used, the bright pink colour should not put you off because when you apply it, a gold undertone makes it look gorgeous. It is also one for all skin tones, so universal and you need it in your life. 

Including Colourpop in this post was a last minute option, the brand is very inexpensive but if you are in the UK and have to ship it over then its more of a luxury. It isn't a brand that I would be buying from all the time, more of a treat so it is definitely a luxury/worth the splurge on. Even though their lip products are to die for, the eye shadows have really stood out to me. Having single eye shadows may seem like a pain but its a lot easier to create eye looks.

I've only had the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk for a few weeks and I have not put it down. All the hype you hear around this legendary lip liner is all true and worth a try. Its a your lips but better colour, looks great with any lipstick over it and is so creamy. The first time I used it, I had to stop and take two seconds to just realise that this was a lip liner?! If that makes any sense. 

As I've got more into makeup MAC Lipsticks aren't as expensive compared to the other products mentioned in this post. But they deserve every mention possible, if in doubt with what to wear on my lips I always go back to these. They have a range of different formula's available from matte to satin and a huge selection of shades as well, you are bound to find something that you like.

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself and splurge on the luxury products. I will always be a budget buyer at heart but as I'm growing up the luxury brands are definitely speaking to me more. Luxury skincare is next on my list to try! 

What are your favourite luxury products? 

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