Lashes For Glasses

Since the age of eight, glasses have been permanently stuck on my face. My eyesight is terrible, I'm talking - can't see anything without them on. A few years ago I dabbed in and out of the whole contact lense thing, but my eyes have worsened and they aren't quite an option at the moment (that's how bad they are) so I have to embrace the glasses. I have no shame wearing specs, as some people do, they make me who I am and are the greatest fashion accessory. Someone once told me that because of wearing glasses, wearing false lashes wasn't really an option. Well, guess who proved them wrong? This girl. I love lashes, they aren't something I wear all the time, but when in the mood a bit of a lash lift can't do anyone any harm. 
lashes for beginners

lashes for glasses

Tip #1 Applying Mascara Before

If you apply the smallest amount of mascara to your lashes before putting lashes on, it will reduce the chances of getting mascara all of your lenses. It also helps to apply the lashes as you have something to 'feel' and look out for. 

Tip #2 Tip of the Nose

This next tip, I do wish I found out about sooner rather than later. If you are like me and can't see a thing without glasses but need to look into the mirror below to apply lashes, then prop your glasses onto the end of your nose. You'll look hideous but it works, 
Ardell Natural Lashes

Tip #3 Keep It Natural

Go glam if you have to, but remember your glasses are a barrier and if the lashes are too fluttery and out there then they'll just annoy you. Opt for a natural pair such as the 120 Demi's From Ardell*, they still look gorgeous, add volume and length but won't get in the way of your lenses. In my drugstore lip kit post, the above picture featured and I was actually wearing these lashes, they look so natural and sit comfortably! 

Tip #4 Trim & Curl

Before you rush and apply the lashes to your eyes, check they fit not only without your glasses on but with them on too! They may look like the perfect fit without your frame on but it all changes once you wear your glasses - like I mentioned before they are a barrier. The Eylure x Cheryl Sexy Senorita lashes* are stunning and perfect for the evening without being too fancy, but on me slightly too long at the ends. Giving them a slight trim and curl to lift them up a bit, makes the biggest difference. 

lashes for glasses wearers

Last but not least, practice makes perfect. I am by no means an expert in choosing, applying or wearing lashes but slowly I am learning and its exciting because my eyes look so much more awake and open! 

What are your favourite lashes?! 

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