Getting Ready For Spring

This post is not appropriate at the moment with Storm Doris happening in the UK, my clothes are soaking wet through and my hair has battled through the wind but I can't be the only one that is loving the brighter mornings and evenings? There's something about light when you wake up or go home that gives you this boost of motivation, compared to the dark that makes you want to cosy up in bed and do nothing, even though this does sound very nice. As we come to the end of February (CRAZY!) and the start of spring is around the middle of March its time to switch things up and get ready for the bright colours, pastels and gorgeous flowers.
sping makeup

When it comes to this time of year I start to get holiday blues, all I want to do is jet off somewhere hot and exotic where it is stress free and relaxing. My current wish list includes Hawaii, Italy and the South of France, hoping to get at least one of these ticked off this year! When I went to Greece last September for a week, the weather was just like it is now in the UK. Stormy! But the advantage was that it was still warm, so we managed to enjoy ourselves despite the bad weather and it meant eating more food because what else do you do when you have to be inside all day! 

To combat the stormy weather and holiday blues, there is only one way - makeup. Now is the best time to alter your beauty routine and make it more spring friendly. One of my favourites things to do now is start having more of a glowy base instead of all matte. Even though my skin is very oily, a slight glow from within never did it any harm. To achieve this and not look like a frying pan, the L'Oreal Pro Glow is the perfect base option, it is not only long lasting but gives that perfect luminous complexion.  
What's a dewy makeup look without highlighter? I have an endless list of favourites but at the moment its budget friendly Makeup Revoultion's Ultra Pro Glow Palette that is storming in front. This set contains eight different highlighters that you can pick and mix from to create that gorgeous glow, I particular love the bottom row as it suits my skin tone best but all the shades are gorgeous. 

If highlighter isn't your thing, then why not opt for a blush that adds a pop of sparkle and colour?! NARS Orgasm, may just be the most talked about blush, and so it should be. This gorgeous compact is packed with a rose/pink blush is stunning on everyone and anyone, if you have a pale skin tone you'll find that it shows off more pink and for a darker skin tone such as mine it has freckles of gold running through as well. Paired with simple eye makeup and a bold lip this blush is the perfect addition to your spring makeup bag. 

No post on Class and Glitter is complete without a mention to lip products, my favourite item of makeup in the world. I seem to be reaching for two shades in particular recently to add a pop of colour to the lips. Coloupop Viper is a gorgeous muted purple lipstick that works well in the spring because it is so bright and colourful. You can see me wearing it in this post. If your not a vivid coloured lip wearer then opt for a good old nude shade, the Lottie London Werk It lip kit is the perfect choice for the spring. Its light on the lips, long lasting and goes with anything.  

The easiest way to transition into spring beauty wise is the colour you have on your nails, its something that everyone will see and is pretty much permanent as opposed to makeup. If you are daring than go straight in for the pastel lilacs, pinks and blues but for me there needs to be a gradual change into them and the perfect way to do them is wear more flesh tones colours. These can be lighter or darker than your skin tone, the aim is to just blend in and be subtle. OPI Bubble Bath is a cult favourite of mine, it needs several coats to show up opaque but the pale pink, glossy finish is gorgeous for this time of year. Barry M's Pink Lemonade polish is a very similar shade of pink and looks gorgeous on the toes! Can you believe that it is nearly time for those pesky toes to come out of hiding...

It's also the time to switch around the skincare that you use, winter always means heavier products and creams but the spring calls for light bases and hydrating products to help your skin breath. SPF of course is the most important of all, your skin needs to be protected at all times. Opt for a facial oil or serum both morning and night, they have so many benefits and work well to target skin concerns. I have a whole post dedicated to some of my favourites and the difference. I'm also loving sheet masks recently, they are simple and fuss free and take no washing of the face or mess. Just pop it on, wait and then sleep! Waking up the next morning and I promise you, your skin will feel amazing.

The weather might not be the best at the moment, but that doesn't stop us from lookng through our makeup and bringing more spring products to the front..What are you most excited for when it comes to Spring? 

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