Makeup Revolution First Impressions

Let's just say that I am slightly obsessed with highlighting, all forms too! The post all about highlighters under £10 went down a treat and there was a lot of love for the gorgeous MUR palette. Since that post, I ended up buying two more palettes from the brand, one is labelled as a strobing palette and the other highlighter - either way they are beautiful and here's the low down. 

Both palettes are pretty much identical if not the exactly the same. The rose highlight palette is encased in a gold matte case, compared to the strobe which is packed in a glossy case. Both cases are designed the came, rectangular with the three powder products inside with a hug mirror. Upon first glance they look the same but the products inside are slightly different. 

From left to right the three shades in this palette are completely different from one another, all three however are very powdery, finely milled and easy to blend. The first is a pure white with a irdesicent glow. Of all the shades from the two palette this is the most pigmented shade and a little goes a long way. The second shade is a cream, very neutral highlight that has the slightest amount of shimmer - its more of an everyday highlight/subtle look. Then the final powder appears pink in the compact but when applied and blended in, it completely disappeared. This will be the one that I don't get any wear out of, as it doesn't show up very well on my skin. 

As you can see this palette is exactly the same, its the same formula too - finely milled and powdery. The first highlight in this palette is just like the pink one from the strobe palette is just a powder. There's no highlight about it? Blends into the skin but nothing stays - I was however, adamant to use it as something so this now goes underneath the highlight I end up using, as a sandwich layer. The next two shades in this palette are gorgeous, they are more golden toned than rose but look stunning on the skin.They also last a long time and when the sun hits it -damn that highlight looks amazing! 

These are palettes are an amazing concept, its a great way to switch up the highlight that you wear. It is just a shame that one of the powders in each palette are pretty pointless, hoping I can get some use out of them or even give it to someone with paler skin than mine - who it might show up on?! Makeup Revolution have stolen my heart once again, lets hope they keep at it. Also, what the hell is the difference between strobing and highlighting?! 

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