5 Everyday Lip Options

Following on from Thursday's post all about my everyday makeup essentials, this post is dedicated to the everyday lip. For me its a nude, mauve, pink toned shade that goes with everything and looks good with anything. It was also unintentional to have posts following one another in such a theme, but it works well so why not! The options in this post are what I have currently been reaching for, as they change I hope to keep you updated!
everyday nude lip options

The Colourpop items featured in this post haven't been mine for very long, but since they have been in my possession they are all that's been on my lips. The formula of the Lippie Sticks has to be one of my favourite lip product formula's ever, now that is saying something. Lumiére is what can only be described as a dusky mauve pink, this is a very universal shade and would good on anyone no matter skin tone. Its a very lipstick like formula but is almost glossy on the lips, which combines together to create a gorgeous finish. 

Another Colourpop one, sorry! This one is a completely different formula to the lippie stick, its part of the ultra satin range and oh my goodness its like applying a cushion to your lips. The formula of this is very mousse like, gliding straight on to the lips you are left with a very pigmented colour in just one layer. These do not dry down to a matter finish, contrary to popular belief but are weightless on the lips. This shade is very similar to the one above (in fact they are all the same) but its more rose toned and on my skin tone appears even more deeper than a swatch. 

The Body Shop is such an underrated brand, it does not get given enough recognition. These little liquid lipsticks are just some of their hidden gems and the shade range for them are incredible, there are over 10 different shades all ranging from dark to nude. Nairobi Camellia is a stunning pinky nude, did you expect anything else? But the formula is what needs to be praised here, they've been designed to apply like a gloss but give the feel of a velvety lipstick and the staying power of a liquid lipstick. I can confirm that are these are all of those things, they glide on like butter and last you all day. 

There are so many MAC lipsticks that I adore, but if there is one shade that I can not get enough of and come back to time after time it has to be Twig. A cult classic for many, its the perfect satin finish lipstick that stays on for a good few hours and gives you a super opaque finish. The shade can only be best described as the rest in this post, deep pink nude. It looks effortless against my skin tone and compliments my look whatever the weather. The formula of MAC's satin lipsticks are incredible, so creamy and buttery - its what I have on as I am writing this post and is still going strong after 6 hours and plenty of coffee. 

For the final everyday lip in today's post we have more of a luxury buy, not as high end as Tom Ford ect but for me NARS is as high end as it gets. Even though it kills me to use such an 'expensive' lipstick everyday, I can't resist such a gorgeous shade. This was an impulse buy at duty free last year because its a deeper nude than anything else I own, the semi-matte claim also intrigued me and to set the record straight it's just matter. No in between or other way, it dries to a gorgeous matte finish and lasts through everything. This shade is one of those your lips but better shade, suitable for all. 

Narrowing down to just 5 lipsticks proved very difficult at first but these are my ride or die for sure. What are your go to everyday lip options? 

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