Fashion Blogging Can Be Scary

Last year, I set myself the challenge of improving my blog photography. This not only included photos of products that you see but also the fashion that you see. Buying, styling and wearing clothes is a hobby of mine and always has been. Therefore, fashion blogging alongside beauty always made sense to do. As part of my goal to improve, it meant finding a 'professional photography' to take photos for me, someone that does editoral work not just in a studio. 

fashion blogging

Let me tell you straight - its petrifying. Standing in front of a complete stranger, who might not get the look you were going for and having to pose is a very daunting experience. Some people just don't get that you don't need to shout cheese in every picture, but look pretty and show off the clothes rather than you. Its hard work, putting looks together, finding a venue and taking the photos. Unfortunately, I don't have an instagram boyfriend to take pictures for me and mirror pics aren't cutting it anymore, so the fear has to go to one side and I have to embrace the change. 

The first step to this is finding someone to take the photos and instead of googling someone, which by the way will not help because you'll find wedding photographers. This is where Bidvine come in, your fashion blogging saviour.  On their wesbite, it allows you to find professionals from all over the country that specialise in different things from plumbing to catering - its like the online yellow pages but easier to filter down to someone. You answer a series of questions regarding the job you want doing, put a request in and then wait for someone to respond and accept the job. 


For fashion blogging or portrait photography in Leeds, it asks you questions that include what you are wanting done, where (postcode and distance willing to travel), the location (outside, studio) price you are willing to pay. The most important question for this one is the type of image you are wanting, its 'high fashion' you need someone who can photograph you and the clothes naturally!
After submitting your request, its a matter of waiting to find out and see who will accept. This process of finding a professional, getting to know them and their work will make it allot easier to stand in front of the camera and shoot. You have to be comfortable, willing and ready to shoot - don't do it unless you are ready. Its a gradual progression in my opinion from mirror pictures to professional shoots, all part of the learning process. A website such as Bidvine that allows you to find people specifically is genius, not just for fashion photography either! 

Fashion blogging can be scary, but challenge yourself - and go for it! What do you have to loose! 

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