The GLAMOUR Summer Edit 2015

Once every so often I get an email from Latest In Beauty about one of their amazing collaborations with GLAMOUR Magazine. Usually, I stop my self but this time it was the summer version and I just couldn't help myself. 

The cute watermelon designed box retails at £17.99 (not including p+p) and the value of the products inside add up to a grand total of  over £90, which is just insane. The main influence for me getting this box was that it contains some gems for travelling and for the summer time! Let's see what is inside....

This is a self tanner/bronzer for your face, it is meant to give you a gradual and natural tan without been harmful. Not much of a tanner but think that it is great for after you have been in the sun and want to keep that gorgeous glow!
I can't go one empties video on you tube without this been mentioned and raved about. Pixi Glow Tonic is meant to be a toner that is suitable for all skin types as it contains nothing harmful. It consists of a blend of Aloe and Ginseng which is really strong but that doesn't affect you skin, hopefully it works!
Nails Inc Gel Effect £15 in Uptown
One of the things that persuaded me to get this box, as the price of one Nail Inc Polish is the whole box nearly! There is a selection of three colour's available and in my box I got given 'Uptown' which is a stunning nude/pink that I will be painting my nails with this evening. 
These look and sound like ordinary products, but they contain 5 essentail oils that are meant to give your a hair gloss, soften it and nourish it at the same time as well as relaxing you. 
A multi-purpose miracle oil that can be used in your hair, your nails, in the bath and on your face. It is also meant to be good at giving you a nice summer glow and I am not lying when I say it smells amazing. 
This lip crayon is the other thing that caught my eye in the email, the amount of times people have told me to try one of the these crayons is unbelievable! Again, like the nail polish there are three colours available in the box, my box came with Peach On The Beach - a cult beauty favourite. 
SPF of any kind is a staple during the summer and one of the things I haven't get got for my holiday so thank you LIB. This SPF is suitable for sensitive skin types and can be applied all over the face and then it dries matte instead of oily and sticky like many others. 
I own a few things from Balance Me and I love everything the brand produces! Excited to try this body polish and see whether it does firm and tighten at the same time as cleansing. 
I am loving temporary tattoos at the moment, I got some from Primark but they aren't that good, this brand however is one that I have seen on social media and can't wait to apply them! All the designs are small and delicate so they don't look like the tattoos you used to wear when you were 5.

I adore this box because everything that it contains I don't own or have ever tried out, expect some individual reviews of the things soon!

You can buy the box for yourself over on the LIB website HERE

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