Ebay Finds| American Limited Edition Chapsticks

American Limited Edition Chapsticks

Ooh, here's a cheeky bonus post for you all! I have been addicted to browsing Ebay recently and am a sucker for reading posts/wishlists about what bargains people have found on the site because it is truly amazing, and one day I was browsing and came across the beauties you can see in the photo above - Limited Edition Chapsticks!! Now, if you're in America then these are apparently readily available to you but in the UK we aren't as fortunate and don't get these that easily so when I saw them on Ebay I was sold immediately and added them in my basket. 

CAKE BATTER - Put the best first! This is my new FAVOURITE lip balm ever. ever. ever. This smells divine and just like pure vanilla, I love the taste of actual cake batter and having it a lip balm form has made all my wishes as a child become true. 

PUMPKIN PIE - This year's limited edition chapstick, and at first I was a little hesitant because pumpkin can be a bit strong and other pumpkin smelling products end up being cinnamon like but let me tell you this is not the case for this one! It is more a mix of cinnamon and nutmeg which are scents that are very strong, but I have grown an instant liking to and it tastes just as nice as it smells. Medium Smell if strength is considered. 

CANDY CANE - As soon as you put this on, you get a tingling effect on you're lips and some people hate this but for me I love it more than anything else. Just like candy cane is in real life, its got a minty smell and taste (should i really have tasted any of these?!). Another one that wasn't a disaster! 

Buy All Three of these Scents/Flavours on Ebay or with the link below if it doesn't work! Let me know if you buy any because trust me if you spell them you will not be disappointed. I now have my eye on a Red Velvet one and 

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The Rose Glow said...

Red Velvet and Pumpkin pie sound A-MAZ-ING!!
I love it when lip balms come in different, weird flavours :o

Alice x