The Christmas Boutique Decor| Christmas Week

The Christmas Boutique Decor
This week for me officially kicks off the Christmas Countdown, WELCOME TO FESTIVE WEEK! Yes it is fast approaching Christmas and for me the best part is that I get to decorate the house in lots of pretty decorations and this year with the help of The Christmas Boutique I can make me whole house look even prettier! In this post I am going to talk through some of my favourite picks! If this doesn't get you in the festive mood then I don't know what will! 
The Christmas Boutique Decor
The Christmas Boutique Decor

Gingerbread Man/Woman Tea Light Holder* £9.99 - 
Light Up Christmas Trees* - Buy Here 
This area of the newly decorated fireplace is by far my favourite but that's mainly because I am candle obsessed! This cute little tea light holder is perfect to hold my Yankee Candle Medium Jars in and looks pretty sat on the top of the fireplace and then we have the two trees on the side pulls it all together and the light patterns on them change from time to time like fairy lights.

The Christmas Boutique Decor
The Christmas Boutique Decor

Three Heart Cluster Bells* £12.99 -
On the actual fireplace I decided to hang up the large cluster bell heart, to add some modern feature to the old fashioned fireplace. The set comes with three different sized hearts, but I decided to use the largest size as it looks more effective and when you shake it - it sounds like jingle bells! 

The Christmas Boutique Decor
The Christmas Boutique Decor
The Christmas Boutique Decor
  Set of wooden snowflakes £4.99 *- 
Set of Four Frosty Snowflakes £5.99* 
Set of Two Hanging White Reindeer's £5.99* - 

The other decorations that I've put around the fireplace are actually all tree decorations but I thought of using them a little bit differently and keeping to the style of decorating the fireplace (which if you haven't already guessed then the fireplace is our main place of decoration this year). At the top the wooden snowflakes are in my favourite colour - purple and look pretty at night and with everything else but I also think they would look nice on a tree too. Then we have the frosty snowflakes which are the cutest things ever, and I love how they look on the side of the fire I am still undecided whether I should put the other two up as well. Then finally the best till last, the reindeer's how CUTE ARE THEY? They are so sweet and very fragile so I had to be careful with putting them on the bottom of the fire but they look perfect!

The Christmas Boutique Decor

Father Christmas Gift Bag £8.99* - 
How sweet is this large gift bag? Typically, we just put presents out but I think this year I'm going to defo put them in year and give them out because it is the perfect thing to round up everything on christmas day.

The Christmas Boutique offer such a wide range of Christmas Decorations and are all able to buy online with various delivery options! If you like some of the stuff I have mentioned in this post, then make sure you check out the website for even more goodies and the selection of things they have to offer. This time of year I think is the best time to start buying because there is so much more to get, then leaving it to last minute. 

*this post contains pr samples, all opinions expressed are my own*


Unknown said...

Oh my god,i love the gingerbread candle holder! Love that its the perfect size for yankee candle jars too! :)

Class and Glitter said...

It's gorgeous and I know, perfect! xx

Iona Linford said...

The gingerbread tealight holder is sooo cute and the little reindeers are adorable!x