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 Bronze Sorbet

I love doing make up, the way you can put random things on your face to make you look pretty and for you to look different just amazes me. This post is I guess a 'Face of the Day/Night' where I am going to show you what make up I am wearing that day. And this is my go to evening look - because it is so simple, glam and has that pop of pink lip colour to brighten up the evening.

Nivea Express Hydration Primer - This very light, soft feeling primer has so far made me fall in love with it. The pink lid that you can see is the little pot of primer from Nivea, and this one is designed for sensitive and dry skin and also doubles up as a moisturiser. I was never much of a primer person, but this is perfect for the night time.

The Body Shop Oil Free Balancing Foundation - This for me this the perfect full coverage foundation for the night time, it isn't too heavy on the face and gives me that coverage I need at night without looking over the top and plastered in make up. This is also great for those who like me may have sensitive, dry and oily skin.

Collection Long Lasting Perfection Concealer - You have no doubt, heard about this concealer before! So many bloggers and youtubers rave about that I just had to see what all the hype was about. Even though the foundation is full coverage, I still like to just conceal some stubborn blemishes and those under eye circles so that they are hidden.

Natural Collection Pressed Powder - I think I talk about this powder way too much! For me this is the most affordable and medium coverage powder I have ever owned. It doesn't make you look like you've over done the make up and sets your foundation and concealer into place so it lasts for a lot longer on your skin.

Natural Collection Bronzer - This is also a fairly new purchase and I am still not sure whether I love or hate it. I prefer matte bronzers and this has a very subtle hint of shimmer to it which for me can get annoying, but I have learnt to live with it. I always have to wear bronzer, because I like that glowing look.

Dior Blush - This is something I dug up when tidying up my make up, this little box contains the perfect rosy pink blush for people who don't like to wear too much or too little. The shade is amazing for when you are scared of looking too pink, yet need some colour to add to your cheeks for an extra glow.

Urban Decay Primer Potion - The only eye primer I have ever used and what got me into wearing eye make up more frequently. The formula to this tube of magic is amazing, it helps your eye shadow to sit on your eye all day and all night without creasing at all.

Urban Decay NAKED palette - Where do I even start. All the shadows in this palette are perfect for you girls that prefer neutrals to heavy smokey eyes, this palette contains so many colours that you are spoilt for choice. For the night; I love applying half baked all over the lid, blended in with smog on the outer corner and using Virgin as a highlight.

Collection Big Fake Mascara - I have the original formula of this mascara and love it for adding volume and length to my lashes.I really want to try out the newer version to see how it compares to one another.

Natural Collection Eye Liner - Time after time I have tried to get a perfect neat line on my top lid, but it just doesn't seem to be happening. So instead I just use this pencil to line by water line and my tight line so that my eyes look like they've got these thick lashes.

Revlon Lip Butter in Sorbet - You will not be hearing the end of this, I promise you. My very first lip butter purchase and it certainly won't be my last one. These things are mega pigmented and feel like heaven on your lips because they just moisturise and leave them looking amazing.

I wore this look when I went out with my best friends to celebrate our results! Here are a few pics from the night out at Pizza Express and then a cheeky trip to Starbucks!





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