Starting Off; Skincare ♥

FINALLY!  Hello earthlings, today is the start of the 'TheSoProject' also know as 'The Starting Off Project'. Over the next 10 weeks, every Tuesday my self and loads of other bloggers will be posting everything that teens/ make up newbies need to know when starting off with make up. Everything from skincare to make up brushes, I have loved beauty related stuff for a while now and I wish when I first started going into the whole make up thing; there was a guide for me to read. So... here I am now helping you lot out there! To find out more about this project check out Steph's post (the mastermind behind all of this) over on here blog here. 

Starting Off; Skincare

Writing this skincare post seems perfect for me at the moment, as I suffer from regular (mainly hormonal) breakouts on certain parts of my face a lot! August was a month that I set my self a goal to do whatever I can to clear most of it up. Just putting random face masks, and spot treatments on for one night won't instantly make a difference. It is always best to set your self a skincare routine; this doesn't have to be expensive nor does it have to be time consuming. Just remember that it is all worth it in the end.
Starting Off; Skincare

There is such a wide range and variety of skin care brands and products out there that can really help your skin to begin to clear up. One of the brands I love is Clean & Clear, I found this moisturiser in my local poundshop once a upon a time, and little did I know that it would become my best friend. I now religiously use this every night before going to bed to help with my acne, it feels very light - so you can also use it in the morning and it helps to combat and fight against those nasty spot and tightens up your pores. A small sizes amount of this goes very far! 

Starting Off; Skincare

Next up is my holy grail skincare brand - Simple. This brand makes everything to suit your skin so that nothing makes it go funny, these wipes are my new discovery as they are exfoliating wipes. One side has a rough texture and the other is a smooth side to polish your face. I find that taking your make up off at night is the best feeling ever and these wipes make the job easier for you and leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh! Make sure that you always take your make up off before you sleep, your skin needs time to breathe. 

Starting Off; Skincare

My final skincare newbie, is from the brand 'Witch' there products contain witch hazel which is a flower that is extracted into a substance so that it can be used in products to combat acne. There are several products in this range,and I really want to get my hands on them all as this beauty has really made a difference to my skin. The blemish stick is a solid gel stick that pops up like an ice lolly and allows you to rub it on the affected area and leaves no marks just a cool feeling. 

I have found sticking to the same products for some time and doing it all regularly can really help you out. There is also help available where you can ask the professionals about your skin, whether this be a skin specialist / doctor or even these online advice questionnaires, where you answer questions and they find out about your skin type and what can help. Read the other posts through out the 10 weeks


Katie said...

I do love witch products I use their primer reviewed it!
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Stephanie Mapplebeck said...

Woo - I love the Simple face wipes too! :) xxx

Romina Talpos said...

Really nice :D I like the clean&clean products and I am curious about the witch blemish stick :D
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ClassandGlitter said...

need to buy the primer!

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ClassandGlitter said...

would really recommend it! xx

Rebecca Sheen said...

I love the Witch blemish stick too!

Thanks for the link, would love to feature your blog. Will be DMing about the feature posts in the next couple of days.

Rebecca x

Hannah Upchurch said...

Amazing blog! I love using products from the brand 'Witch' as I am an acne sufferer! Loved your post! Followed your blog and excited to read next week!
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Rebecca Sheen said...

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ClassandGlitter said...

okay sweetie and I now swear by it! x

ClassandGlitter said...

Yes i understand your suffering!! following you too! x

Beth Worrall said...

Great post lovely! I love the Simple wipes :) xxx

I'm taking part in the SO project too!