A Printed Jumpsuit for a lovely summer's day!

Okay, there is no doubt that I am in love with New Look. Every time I go in there, I just want to buy everything and for me there aren't a lot of stores that make me react like that! I want to be a lot of things, but my purse will have a hole in it by the end of the shopping trip; so I decided to do a wishlist of some of the things I would really like to have in my wardrobe for these next few months. This time round it is play suits. An item of clothing I have always wanted to wear, but never gone and got one because I am scared of how it looks like on me. The play suits I am about to show you, don't scare me because they actually look flattering and hopefully make me look nice!!

A Printed Jumpsuit for a lovely summer's day!
Picking play suits for this wishlist was a difficult job, there were so many I liked..these 4 stood out to me the most!

#1 The first is by far my favourite one of the lot! This very simple, yet elegant black embellished play suit is perfect for a night out! Whether it is just for a meal or even on a date, this is the best way to pull of that 'no effort look' as it just requires you to put this suit on and accessories with a silver clutch, bracelets and either flats, wedges or heels! Wearing something very simple like this; gives you the choice and element of freedom to dress it up how you want and allows you to wear it however you like! The collar at the top is also a great feature as it makes the outfit as a whole stand out. This can also be worn on a summers day for a lunch time date, as it is black. Making it suitable to wear whenever.

#2 Next up is this orange, patterned jump suit. This bright and bold orange colour makes it perfect for that summer day out! The print on this jump suit is amazing as it is different to something you would usually wear making it more eye-catching and different. My favourite thing about this one is the love heart cut out on the back, which gives you that element of something unusual, and makes it look super cute. This paired with a tanned coloured bag and wedges would complete your casual look.

#3 Anything floral has my name written all over it. A floral patterned t shirt, jumper, jeans or even jumpsuit just screams out girly and cute! The thing about floral is that everyone can make it work, and on a summers day it is your chance to jump out and wear something that is not only a pretty print, but is also a mix of bold and bright summery colours. This can be worn everyday and every night until you get sick of it; as it will never go out of fashion due to people always wanting to wear it.

#4 Finally, a jumpsuit that looks like a pretty blouse tucked into a pair of shorts. This is best for those of you that aren't ready to jump in the deep end with jumpsuits, if you start off with wearing this to see how a jumpsuit would look on you then you will defo go and buy another one! This pretty floral play suit looks so sophisticated and simple at the same time, that people will actually think you are wearing shorts! Great for a summer day out to do some shopping or even out for a meal, you can rock this all the time.

There are so many more play suits on the new look website and in store, it is just that these are my ultimate favourite choices to pick and choose from that I would personally wear if I were to buy my first play suit.


Vanessa said...

Wonderful choice...I like your pretty blog.^^
Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
Let me know follow you then back.
Lovely greets nessa

Yanzel said...

Number 1 is so pretty! I love transitioning these into fall with tights and a cardigan.

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