Topicals: Worth the Hype?

It has been a while ... apologies for the very long absence! I'm hoping to be back and active again, but I'm not promising anything! I've missed blogging and there is so much that I need to talk about. Starting things off with a brand focus 'Topicals'. A brand that I have always heard and see but never went for. I bought their 'Faded' serum about 6 months ago and then they kindly sent their moisturiser a few weeks back and I have some thoughts on them both ,,, 

topicals does it work


topicals faded serum review

The Topicals Faded Serum (£32) is the product that the brand are most known for. Its a serum like treatment cream that specifically targets dark spots and hyperpigmentation. I suffer with this a lot and its currently one of my main skin concerns. 

This hyperpigmentation-safe serum visibly reduces stubborn discoloration, post-blemish marks, scars, and spots—for all ethnicities and skin shades. Gentle enough for daily use, it produces visible results in as little as two weeks.

My cousin has used this for a long time and swears by it, she almost uses it now as a spot treatment due to how powerful the ingredients are. It contains five key ingredients:
0 1 Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract
0 2 Kojic Acid
0 3 Melatonin
0 4 Azelaic acid
0 5 Niacinamide

These five in combination are a powerhouse and there is nothing else added that is harmful to the skin. This makes this very thick serum smell really bad, I can't even tell you how much I hate the smell. It smells like hair removal cream! The smell is only upon application and after its rubbed in, the scent disappears but I have to hold my nose when applying because its awful. 

Personally, I use this twice a week. Its very strong and potent for my skin to handle daily, where as twice a week is perfect. It doesn't magically make everything disappear but its definitely working on my scarring. The marks that have been on my face for years and have never budged, are slowly fading and any new marks seem to be healing a lot faster. Its almost like a magical (very smelly) potion for your skin. I love it and can't wait to continue using it and update you on how my skin is looking. 

like butter moisturizer review

There most recent launch is the Like Butter Moisturizer*. Which I was very kindly gifted but all opinions are my own, as always. As an oily skin girl, I am very careful with what moisturisers I use as I don't want anything to make me look or feel oily. 

This daily moisturizer is supercharged with 1% colloidal oatmeal, clinically-proven to target extreme dryness and eczema-prone skin. Use Like Butter to boost the skin barrier and up the TLC for chronically dry, sensitive skin. For skin so smooth, it’s like butter.

This moisturiser is the one for me. If you have oily or combination skin you are going to be in heaven when using this. I love how its not too thick, it sinks into the skin almost immediately, it leaves a lovely soft feeling to the face and it doesn't smell! I am able to use it under makeup without it disturbing other products and I can wear it at night on top of serums and treatments to give me the correct amount of hydration. It is specially targeted for people who have eczema, but my oily/acne prone skin which is always dry around my chin and red, loves it and can't get enough. 

Both of these products make me excited to see what else the brand plans on launching and I hope I get to be a part of that journey! 

If you fancy trying any of these (they now ship to the UK, with no extra fees!) then you are able to use my code PARIEJOSHI for a little bit off. 

Thank you as always ✨


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