Summer No-Makeup Makeup Look

Summer No-Makeup Makeup Look


When on holiday or during the summer, the best and easiest look is the ‘no makeup, makeup look’. For me, its all about choosing products that look natural and effortless. I will always be a full coverage, matte makeup lover but sometimes its nice to switch things up, this even includes a pair of Ardell Lashes which are perfect when you’re wanting a natural look. I went to Palma for two weeks recently and this was my go-to routine and will probably continue as the tan on my skin makes me look so much more alive!  

// BASE \\

An all-in-one product that gives you the quickest base and looks natural is the NARS Light Reflecting Foundation, with just one light layer - you get an even amount of coverage, a subtle glow and it feels ultra-lightweight on the skin. I pop a little powder onto my t-zone, a pink blush, and the tiniest amount of liquid highlighter to give me an ethereal glow. I never thought that I would turn to a light foundation like this but if you don’t try, you never know! 

// EYES \\


best ardell lashes

Not only is the face important for a summer no makeup, makeup look but so are the eyes. Even as someone who wears glasses (occasionally sunglasses) I tend to keep things on my eyes just as simple in the summer – thanks hay fever! I’ve been loving the Morphe 9P palette to create an array of different looks. It has a mixture of mattes and shimmers, so the eye looks you can create are endless. When this palette is paired with a pair of lashes from Ardell the look is taken to a whole new level and you can rush out the door, telling people ‘this is something that you quickly put together in a rush’, even though we know it was well thought out. For this look, which was on an evening on holiday, I chose to use the Ardell naked lashes. These are a fluffy lash that still look and feel natural on the eye. I love how the invisible lash band makes them comfortable to wear and gives my whole makeup look a gorgeous finish and lift. If you prefer something a bit wispier, then the Ardell natural lashes will be perfect. No matter which lash you choose, they will enhance your overall look and are so easy to apply! Completed with mascara and a small amount of one of the Charlotte Tilbury cream shadows in the centre of my lid, the look is complete.

// LIPS \\

I love a nude and natural lip, so this summer look is perfect for me as I only ever wear natural colours. This lip look is a combination of two lip liners, a few different lipsticks mixed together and voila a pinky nude appears. I couldn’t even tell you the name of the shades because I’ve mixed so many!

I am so happy with the overall look and have been wearing this look none stop because of how effortless, natural yet glamourous it is and perfect for this time of year.


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