Temple Spa Most Revealing Glowing Skin Oxygen Peel Review

For the next few blog posts you can just expect lots of reviews! I've found so many new gems in my beauty routine that I need to share and shout about. Today we are starting with the  Temple Spa Most Revealing Glowing Skin Oxygen Peel*. I very kindly received this in PR a few months back and have been low key obsessed. It was briefly mentioned in my currently loving post the other week but the love I have for it is unreal. 


Temple Spa are one of those spa luxury brands that cater for those of us who love going to a spa and bringing that experience home. Their newest release is perfect for you if you love treating yourself to a mask every now and then and want to take your masking to the next level and try a peel. Don't be scared or worried by the fact that its called a peel, because it doesn't actually peel any of your skin! 

The Temple Spa Most Revealing Glowing Skin Oxygen Peel (super long name!) has been made with powerful ingredients. It contains Vitamin C and Sodium Hyaluronate (similar to Hyaluronic Acid ) alongside some acids such as Glycolic, Malic and Lactic. Together they provide a product designed to gently smooth and exfoliate skin without any irritation or harshness. 

The Peel is a super fun bubble treatment, that fizzes and pops, which pushes oxygen into the skin and help the other ingredients provide more benefit. This bubbling peel mask is very delicate and soft on the skin, it isn't harsh or hard to use. 

I find the best way to use, is by applying two pumps to my hands and work it around my face and then leave  it to fizz and bubble. Once the fizzing stops you can then rinse it away and that’s the treatment done. I love applying just after a shower, to reveal the most glowy skin ever! 

Even though this is an acid-based mask, there is no stinging or angry redness after use. My skin definitely looked and felt noticeably smoother and brighter after use. My skin doesn't feel stripped or dehydrated in the slightest. 

It retails for £40 and you get 50ml of product. I've been using mine twice weekly for the past two months and still have lots left in the bottle. 

If you are in the mood for an at home treatment then add this to your wishlist! 


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