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I have been quite absent from the blog recently (more about that at the end) but can you believe we're in July?! I mean I love June - its my birthday month and the month that we had some semi decent lovely weather. These are some of the beauty and lifestyle products I have been loving recently..                                         

E.L.F Mint Melt Primer // If you love the MILK Hydro-grip Primer or have wanted to try it this primer is the same - if not better. Upon application, it instantly cools my skin and gives it a really tacky base which for my oily skin is perfect as my foundation applies like a dream on top. I have really found that this keeps my makeup on and it worked really well through the heat. 

Too Faced Peach Perfect Powder //  I was in the market for a new powder a while back and bought this and completely forgot about it! Then I discovered it under some other products and I love it so much. It has a really strong peach smell, but this translucent powder works so well at setting my t-zone. It is really finely milled too and I love it. 

P.S Liquid Eye Duo // This was a Primark find and I really wish I picked up more. I guess their inspiration was the famous Huda Beauty eyeshadow sticks and these are similar to them. There is a matte pink side and a glitter pink side, both a cream formula. They are both great to apply quickly and go - really long lasting for just £2.50.

Becca Lipstick in Petal // Still not over the fact that this brand is going soon! Such a shame because their products are brilliant. This mini lipstick came as part of a duo and one that I love keeping in my handbag. Its great to top up during the day and is a lovely semi matte finish.

Dermalogica Sport SPF* // I had the chance to go on a Zoom with Dermalogica recently and learn some important and horrific statistics and facts about sun damage and SPF. This is my favourite SPF ever!! Its so comfortable on the skin and so lightweight - perfect under makeup. It really calms the skin too and doesn't give me a white cast. 

Nivea MagicBAR*// Well, this is something that I've never used before. This is the brands first cleansing bar and is made with almond oil and blueberry. Its gentle on the skin, refreshing and doesn't dry anything up. I love using this in the morning to wash my face with as its quick and easy and it will be really useful to travel with too. 

Temple Spa Glowing Peel // There is nothing better than doing spa treatments at home! I love the feeling of going to a therapist but love the convenience of doing treatments at home. This peel is a combination of vitamin c with a variety of acids including: glycolic, malic, lactic and hydroxy. Together these pack a punch to lift away dead skin cells and decongest the skin. I've been using this every week and my skin is in love. It makes it so smooth and clean. 

A few weeks back I torn a muscle in my quad, it was a long night in A&E and a few ultrasounds and x-rays they discovered a tear and burst bag of fluid. I've been on crutches since and its still swollen and really painful. Due to this unknown injury (seriously, I have no idea how I did this) I have spent so much time watching TV and getting crafty. 

I purchased a Cricut machine!! If you've never heard of one, its a fantastic machine that allows you to do so many things. I can print vinyl's, cardstock, material and so much more. You best believe that everything I own is now labelled up! 

TV/Movie wise: I have loved Luca that came out recently on Disney+, as well as Rebel. I've restarted One Tree Hill again too after the three leading ladies started a podcast and it has been the best decision I have made - such a good show. 

Also, Tati aka GlamLifeGuru made a comeback on YouTube and I've missed her so much. It has been refreshing seeing her again and she makes me want everything!

Phew, that was a long recap...
What have you loved recently?


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