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 Wow, how are we in November this weekend?! Its crazy how fast this year is going, despite everything that has gone on. I haven't done a round up of my favourite products/lifestyle things in forever and I thought that today would be the perfect opportunity. Its a mix of beauty, nails and lifestyle things...                                          

FLOWER FRAME // My beauty area in my room is pretty small, despite having lots of things, I like keeping the clutter to a minimum. My latest addition to my set up is this gorgeous name, floral frame from 3quarterevents *. A small business that specialise in personalised gift and decor, they've just added some baubles to their shop! I love my frame so much and plan on buying a few as xmas presents as they truly are gorgeous! 

MINI ESSENCES // The I'm From Essences have not moved from my table and are very quickly running low. I'm in love with each and every single one of them. Who know that these little bottles would pack such a mighty punch. The Mugwort essence is still a staple in my everyday routine as it really calms my skin down but I am loving the rice toner this past week, its so hydrating! You can read my full post on these here.                     

NAILS // Since the salons have reopened after lockdown, I have converted back to getting my nails done. There is just something so relaxing about going to have them done and sitting their watching someone work their magic. My nail lady is super talented and I will never go anywhere else! I pick a colour and the rest is up to her. This set might just be my favourite autumnal set I have ever had. The purple is stunning, the glitter is eye catching and well the butterflies are just so pretty.

PIXI PALETTE // I love makeup but in the morning when I have to wake up early, I am all about keeping things simple and quick. I usually opt for no eye makeup but this gorgeous eyeshadow palette from Pixi* makes me weak at the knees. The shades and tones are so me and they are shadows that you can swipe over the lid really quickly and be done with. I love using the top row on an everyday basis, really quickly with my fingers to give me a pop of something on my eyes.

KNITS AND JEWELLERY : Since the change in weather, my chunky knits have been making more of an appearance in my work wear. They are the easiest thing to style and they look so effortless with a pair of leggings and boots. I've also rekindled my love with different accessories, they really help change and improve an outfit. This Constellation Necklace* has been an item that I can't stop wearing and at work have had so many questions on. Its from oNecklace, which is a brand that I have a few things from and have never been disappointed. The quality of the charm, the band and the quality in general never ceases to amaze me. I went with the rose gold version but it comes in plain silver and gold too! 

TV & MOVIES // Since March and going into lockdown finding and discovering tv shows to binge watch has been my favourite thing to do. I have loved watching:

> One Tree Hill - HOW HAVE I NEVER WATCHED THIS BEFORE? What an amazing show, the cast, the storylines  - everything! I got so invested in everything and I think its a show that everyone will love.

> Gossip Girl - One that is always recommended to me and one that I loved so much. I love the glamour and glitz of their lifestyles and their 'rich people problems' I was a little disappointed with who Gossip Girl was though :( Kind of wish they made it someone else! There is a re-boot of this coming soon, which I am excited to watch.

> Gilmore Girls - I started this last month and have shared my love for it over on twitter, it really is the cosiest, sweetest, loveliest program to watch at this time of year. If you want a feel good show to watch around this time of year, then this is the one! I love everything about it. 

Disney + - My class have started to eat their lunch in the classrooms due to COVID, so we put a film on for the time they are inside and its been a great use of my Disney Plus subscription as they are loving all the movies on there. Onward and Spies in Disguise have been my favourite so far.

Wow, that was a long one! What have you been loving this month or even watching? I would love some more things to add to the list! 


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