I'm From Essences and Toner Review

Korean skincare is everywhere and I've always been a huge fan. A site that I always seen pop up on Instagram is Tonic15, everyone seems to be talking about them and I decided to order a couple of bits that people talk about to try. I went with buying three mini essences from the brand ''I'm From'', they come as a set of three, but you can buy each mini on its own and the larger sizes are available too. I love mini products as they give you a chance to try before you buy and see whether they work well or not.

I'm From Rice Toner /// Created with organic rice grown free from pesticides, this toner moisturizes and brightens skin. While gently getting rid of skin impurities and excess oils, this rice toner effectively rebalances and instantly rejuvenates dry, dull and irritated skin.

This is a toner and the other two are essences, but for a toner it has the same consistency and liquidity as the other two. Rice in skincare is definitely going to take off one day, it has amazing properties - such as, preventing wrinkles, keeping skin supple and its full of antioxidants. I've been using all three of these products in rotation, so I'm not sure which one has made the biggest difference ... but what I am sure of, is that all three are best friends with my skin. They've calmed redness, breakouts and improves the hydration. I personally, love using the rice toner in the morning. Its great at giving my skin that fresh, nourished and clean feeling before applying makeup on top. It definitely has helped with the texture as makeup looks smooth. 

Fig Boosting Essence /// When skin seems a little lacklustre or looks and feels congested, turn to the I’m From Fig Boosting Essence. Formulated with 62.7% Fig Extract, its lightweight texture is quickly absorbed to effectively hydrated skin. Using the power of BHAs, it gently exfoliates and smooths skin, while also prepping it for the subsequent steps of your skincare regime. With added anti-ageing and antioxidant effects from Polyphenols it helps to unveil a rested, more youthful appearance.

If you follow anyone on instagram and loves their skincare, I am sure at some point they've posted about this essence or the cleansing balm that is part of the same range. I want the balm next and is on my payday wish list for next month. This essence in combination with the one I'll come to has helped my skin in so many ways! Its hydrated it, firmed it up, helped with breakouts and calmed the skin but most of all the exfoilating properties has given my skin this subtle yet gorgeous glow and I  love the way my skin looks after using. 

Mugwort Essence // Formulated with 100% mugwort extract harvest from Ganghwa County in Korea this Mugwort Essence harnesses Mugwort’s natural detoxifying properties, in Korea it is used in a similar way to Tea Tree Oil. It treats skin problems and creates a clear and glowing complexion in just five minutes.

 I have to say, Mugwort is not an ingredient I had ever heard over - it just sounds so odd. In combination with the fig boosting essence and the rice toner, they have just changed and I mean changed my skin. So much smoother, less texture around my chin and cheek area, it looks healthy and feels incredible. I go to sleep feeling so happy with the way my skin is looking and wake up the next day with it looking even better. I went through a spell the other week where my skin was horrific. So many hormonal spots, it was angry and horrible. These essences helped a ton, this Mugwort one in particular really calmed it down and has helped with the mess that is left over ... I'm a picker... I know I shouldn't but I can't help it. This is perfect for post picking! 

Overall, I am very very impressed with these and will definitely be buying the full size versions of them all as soon as I get through the mini's. You do only need a tiny amount of product though...so I may just repurchase this little set again! Have you tried any of these? Or anything else from I'm From...


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