Antipodes Honey Range + Discount Code

 Antipodes are one of the many brands that I have discovered through blogging. A brand that I have always loved and never been disappointed with. I have pretty much reviewed their whole range of products, which you can read about and dive into ... but today, we are focused on their famous and clean 'honey' range. I have been using the day cream, eye cream and mask for some time now and all three are incredible! 

Firstly, the products all smell amazing - almost good enough to eat! Sweet and honey like, they make you feel relaxed purely based on the smell. Of all three products from the honey range, the Manuka Honey Face Mask* is my favourite!  I have very sensitive, reactive skin that is usually great, but I do  get hormonal breakouts. After using this mask I can literally SEE the difference. The redness and most of all; the blemishes etc looks calmer as the mask kind of sinks in. I personally leave it on for a lot longer than the packaging says, just whilst I get on with other jobs and there's not a hint of a bad reaction. Using this religiously gives me a much calmer, hydrated and clearer complexion. I love the tube as well, - practical and even beautiful in the bathroom.

The face cream* might not be something I reach for all the time as its got quite a greasy feeling to it; when I have used it as a last step in my routine my skin feels hydrated and so nourished. It has come in handy recently as I over did the tret a little and my whole nose started to peel! It was a horrific experience but slathering this cream on morning and night, helped calm it down and speed up the peeling process. 

Then we have the eye cream* I am a die hard fan of the kiwi eye cream they do. Its hydrating for under the eye and leaves my eyes feeling amazing. I have so many tubs of it just incase I run out. The honey one however, may just overtake its position! Its gorgeous. Thick but sinks into the skin and leaves my eyes visibly looking better and more hydrated. Its helped with the shadow under my eyes too, which is more apparent when I wear glasses. Its really lovely! 

If you love Antipodes or want to try them...the honey range is the perfect place to start! 

ANTIP20  gives you 20% off any Antipodes Manuka Honey Products on This code is valid from 16th-30th September 2020.

*pr samples, all opinions are my own

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